High School Sports

Lafayette's Mason an unexpected winner

Indoor track

Wildcat (High School) Classic

At Nutter Fieldhouse, University of Kentucky. Race distances in meters unless noted. No team scoring.


60 hurdles — Brandon Bagley (John Hardin) 8.10 (breaks meet record of 8.14 set by Adam Franklin, Harrison Co., in 2004); Ben Kolb (St. Xavier) 8.30; David Larson (Oldham Co.) 8.60. Mile — Ryan Eaton (Greenwood) 4:22.02 (breaks meet record of 4:24.93 set by Jonathan Thomas, Western, in 2003); Thomas Canary (Lex. Catholic) 4:28.41; Andrew Stewart (No. Hardin) 4:30.98. 60 — Justin Green (Male) 7.04; Stephon Robinson (Central) 7.05; Marcellus Hobbs (No. Hardin) 7.19. 400 — Ben Mason (Lafayette) 49.98; Greg Shepherd (No. Hardin) 52.00; Brandon Bagley (John Hardin) 52.13. 800 — Joe Mallek (Oldham Co.) 1:56.56 (breaks own meet record of 1:56.99 set in 2008); Justin House (Apollo) 1:57.80; Geoff Spencer (Apollo) 1:57.80. 200 — Ben Mason (Lafayette) 22.03 (breaks meet record of 22.41 set by Jaque Vinson, Oldham Co., in 2008); Marcellus Hobbs (No. Hardin) 22.25; Stephon Robinson (Central) 22.60. Two-mile — Stacey Eden (Shelby Co.) 9:50.09; David Hamm (Manual) 9:52.09; Kyle Clark (Butler) 10:07.82. 4-by-400 relay — No. Hardin 3:29.49 (breaks meet record of 3:30.66 set by Daviess Co., in 2004); Central 3:35.60; Male 3:36.27. 4-by-800 relay — Butler 8:37.66; Lex. Christian 8:41.36; Manual 8:49.11.


60 hurdles — Shelby Wagenseller (Ballard) 9.88; Nathelie Zetrenne (Central) 9.89; Sarah McKinney (Rockcastle Co.) 9.91. Mile — Emma Brink (Sacred Heart) 5:09.26 (breaks meet record of 5:11.64 set by Carmen Mims, unattached, in 2005); Anna Bostrom (Woodford Co.) 5:17.61; Madison Hale (Daviess Co.) 5:18.42. 60 — Tiffany Rogers (Butler) 7.72 (breaks own meet record of 7.83 set in 2007); Jazzmin Jeter (Ballard) 7.83; Samantha Smith (Rockcastle Co.) 8.18. 400 — Chelsea Brown (Butler) 59.76; Trina Thomas (Dunbar) 1:02.25; Hannah Ellis (So. Oldham) 1:02.62. 800 — Emma Brink (Sacred Heart) 2:21.97; Natalie Norman (Grant Co.) 2:24.12; Madison Hale (Daviess Co.) 2:26.42. 200 — Tiffany Rogers (Butler) 25.71 (breaks meet record of 25.77 set by Lutisha Bowen, Ballard, in 2008); Jazzmin Jeter (Ballard) 26.06; Chelsea Brown (Butler) 26.52. Two-mile — Allison Riedling (Assumption) 11:50.44; Sara Davis (Assumption) 11:51.36; Elizabeth Anderson (Manual) 11:59.00. 4-by-400 relay — Central 4:17.38; Ballard 4:19.40; Male 4:20.78. 4-by-800 relay — Manual 10:39.51; Assumption 10:41.59; So. Oldham 11:04.55.

Ben Mason didn't run 400 meters last year, sticking to the 60 and 200.

So the Lafayette senior wasn't sure what to expect Saturday in the Wildcat Classic track meet.

What he got was a convincing victory in the 400, followed by a meet record in the 200.

"I saw the clock. I was coming up to the straight and it said (43), so I just really wanted to really dig deep, so I could get to the finish in, maybe, under 50," said Mason, who clocked 49.98. "I really came into this meet unaware of what I could run, so this is a good measure to see where I'm at in my training. So I feel good; I'm real satisfied with it."

Mason was among about 1,000 athletes from 56 in-state schools competing at the University of Kentucky's Nutter Fieldhouse. The meet was all on the track — no field events — and took more than eight hours to complete.

Mason finished more than two seconds ahead of North Hardin's Greg Shepherd, the runner-up in the 400.

His 200-meter time of 22.03 broke the year-old meet record of 22.41. That was among five boys' and three girls' meet records set.

Mason thinks his future is in the 400, though.

"I need that greater distance to help me," he said. "So this season I'm really trying to focus on the 400 — to help my 200 time and also become a good 400 runner."

Other boys' record-setters were Greenwood's Ryan Eaton in the mile (4:22.02); John Hardin's Brandon Bagley in the 60-meter hurdles (8.10); Oldham County's Joe Mallek in the 800 (1:56.56), and North Hardin's 4-by-400 relay (3:29.49).

Girls' record setters were Sacred Heart's Emma Brink in the mile (5:09.26) and Butler's Tiffany Rogers in the 60 (7.72) and 200 (25.71). Brink also won the 800 (2:21.97).

Eaton, a junior and state cross country champion, finished more than six seconds ahead of the mile runner-up, Lexington Catholic's Thomas Canary.

"This early in the season, I'm happy with that," Eaton said. "It's four seconds off my PR (personal record), but I only broke 4:20 once last year. Last year I ran 4:40-something here, totally out of shape. And this year I just ramped up my mileage big time. It paid off, obviously."

Eaton also did his homework in preparing to race on an oversized (291-meter) track.

"I memorized my lap times for what they should be for a 290 track, to do a 4:20," he said. "I fell off on the third lap. ... Actually, I just try to adapt to what everybody else is doing. Jackson (Carnes, the fourth-place finisher from St. Xavier) took the lead and pushed it pretty hard. He actually kept me on pace. Once I went around him, he slowed down and I slowed down, too. That's where I fell off the pace. But I'm happy with the time."

Canary was among four Lexington-area second-place finishers.

Dunbar freshman Trina Thomas was runner-up to Butler's Chelsea Brown in the girls' 400, and Woodford County sophomore Anna Bostrom chased Brink to the mile record. Lexington Christian's boys ran second to Butler in the 4-by-800 relay.