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Cross country: LCA boys, girls, Sayre's Patterson score region titles


MAYSVILLE — It was no surprise that Sayre senior Maddox Patterson ran away with the Class A, Region 5 cross country title Saturday.

After all, Maddox had won the region four times before, and is a three-time state champion. "I know the teams that run at region and know the competition, so I was confident," she said.

Cold, blustery conditions kept her from running the time she wanted, but she was happy with her performance.

Maddox ran the 5K in 19:18, the best time among girls in the three classes that ran Saturday at Maysville.

Maddox battled injuries in last season's state meet and didn't run well. She's feeling better this year and is more confident in her training. "I'm going to give it all I have for my last state meet," she said.

Nicholas County junior Shelby Watkins was runner-up to Maddox. Sayre eighth-grader Alana Bloomfield was third.

Lexington Christian Academy's girls and boys swept the region team titles.

For LCA's girls, it was quite an achievement considering they didn't have anybody in the region last year, and their team is made up of mostly middle-schoolers this season.

"We made it our goal to go from not running at all last year to making it to state this year," Coach Tom Stickel said. "And we did it."

Madeline Pulliam, an eighth-grader, led the Eagles with a fourth-place finish. Kelsey Siebenthaler, a seventh-grader, was fifth.

LCA also scored with senior Carol Beth Madden (eighth), seventh-grader Lauren Suiter (14th) and eighth-grader Gabrielle Sabad (15th).

"We don't push them hard because most of them are so young," Stickel said. "But we made them believe in themselves, and they feel confident."

LCA's boys, rated in the top five in the state, were expected to take top honors.

The Eagles' Aaron Wier, a junior in his first year of cross country, shrugged off the harsh conditions and won in a time of 16:17.

"That's just part of cross country," he said of the cold and wind. "You've just got to grind through it."

Wier broke to the lead early, and he and teammate Adam Huff ran 1-2 the rest of the way. The Eagles also got strong runs from Andrew Madden (fourth), Adam Wier (sixth), Ryan Harris (ninth) and Will Brittain (17th).

Aaron Wier said it was "amazing" to see his teammates come through, but "I expected us to win. We put in a lot of hard work to get ready for this, and we came and took care of business."

Stickel said the Eagles are looking forward to the state meet next week at the Kentucky Horse Park.

"We want to try to represent Central Kentucky really well on Saturday," he said. "That's our goal."

Class a, Region 5


Teams (top three advance to state meet): Lexington Christian 19, Burgin 58, Bracken County 85, Danville 102, Augusta 104.

Top 20 individuals: Aaron Wier (LCA) 16:17; Adam Huff (LCA) 16:33; Camryn Snapp (Augusta) 17:10; Andrew Madden (LCA) 17:47; Brennan Kunkel (Trimble) 18:00; Adam Wier (LCA) 18:14; Wesley Qualls (Burgin 18:15; Jonathan Papai (Trimble) 18:20; Ryan Harris (LCA) 18:22; Guillermo Cruz (Carroll) 18:26; Jackson Yazell (Paris) 18:32; Keith Stout (Owen) 18:36; Jacob Rankin (Danville) 18:39; Jacob Hamilton (Bracken) 18:40; Trevor Lay (Burgin) 18:49; Cooper Shearer (Burgin) 18:59; Will Brittain (LCA) 19:01; Drew Hatfield (Burgin) 19:04; David Reed (Augusta) 19:10; David Marshall (Carroll) 19:15.


Teams (top three advance to state): Lexington Christian 43, Danville 64, Sayre 68, Bracken County 104, Trimble County 116, Nicholas County 123, Gallatin County 158.

Top 20 individuals: Maddox Patterson (Sayre) 19:18; Shelby Watkins (Nicholas) 19:35; Alana Bloomfield (Sayre) 21:18; Madeline Pulliam (LCA) 21:28; Kelsey Siebenthaler (LCA), Haley Dermon (Carroll) 22:07; Claire Strysick (Danville) 22:09; Carol Beth Madden (LCA) 22:19; Celeste Fieberg (Danville) 22:24; Kelsie Steber (Danville) 22:27; Ashley Brierly (Trimble) 22:56; Kyndal Dotson (Bracken) 23:11; Heather Ebert (Bracken) 23:16; Lauren Suiter (LCA) 23:17; Gabrielle Sabad (LCA) 23:30; Ashley Anderson (Bracken) 23:32; Shelby Papai (Trimble) 23:47; Kirsten Baird (Trimble) 23:50; Autumn Hunter (Owen) 23:57; Samantha Sowell (Nicholas) 24:06.

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