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Mercer County, Boyle County win Class 2A team titles

Lexington Catholic’s Michaela Reinhart ran the anchor leg as her team took the 4x800 relay with a time of 9:41.23 during the 2A state track meet.
Lexington Catholic’s Michaela Reinhart ran the anchor leg as her team took the 4x800 relay with a time of 9:41.23 during the 2A state track meet. mcornelison@herald-leader.com

The boys’ title at the Republic Bank/KHSAA Class 2A Track and Field State Championships came down to the final event Friday evening at the University of Kentucky’s Outdoor Complex.

Dustin Baker, Chase Moore, Chase Edwards and Mishi Easterling compiled the 4-by-400 relay team that defeated Paducah Tilghman by just under a second to give Mercer County the 2016 boys’ team championship.

“We knew we had a shot,” said Drew Davis, who finished second in the shot put earlier in the day and was exhausted from cheering after the deciding race. “ ... That 4-by-400 team just killed it. I don’t know the times, but good lord they just crushed it.”

Boyle County won its first girls’ title in program history, giving the 5th Region a sweep of the team trophies.

Junior Emmie Harris swept the girls’ 100 and 300 hurdles to help lift the Rebels. She also ran second for the 4-by-400 relay team and third for their 4-by-200 team.

Harris also plays basketball and soccer for Boyle County. She said that track and field has improved her conditioning on the court and pitch.

“I was not very fast coming in my freshman year,” Harris said with a laugh.

Earlier in the season she broke the school record for the 300 hurdles held by her sister, Hannah, who now plays soccer for the University of Louisville. But before this season, Harris had never even competed in the 100 hurdles, and the more rhythmic nature of that event took a bit of getting used to.

She was seeded fifth in 100 hurdles and third in the 300 hurdles coming into state after what she considered “not very good runs” during Boyle County’s regional.

“It motivated me to push harder knowing that other girls had faster times than me,” Harris said. “I knew I just had to get my best today.

Record day for LexCath pole vaulter

Camille Mangold was winded from clinching the girls’ pole vault title.

“I came in on too small of a pole on opening height (11 feet), so a lot of energy was put forth just to make opening height,” said Mangold, a senior at Lexington Catholic.

But she wasn’t finished. Mangold broke out a brand new pole, took a jump to get acclimated to it, then took another to set a Class 2A state record. Then she took a couple of other attempts to set an overall state record at 12 feet and a quarter inch, a mark slightly better than the 12-feet notched by Morgan McIntyre (Fairview) in 2014.

How does switching to a new pole mid-meet compare to one that’s broken in?

“I think it’s pretty difficult. ... Some people think it’s easy,” she said. “It something I’m continuing to try and get better at.”

Mangold finished second at state the previous two seasons, including in 2014 behind her sister Bridgette, who now pole vaults for Bellarmine. Camille’s background as a gymnast, in addition to her sister’s success, helped motivate her to the point she is now. She was the favorite coming into Friday and bested her nearest competitor, Warren East senior Shelby Chobot, by 2 feet.

“It was a lot of pressure,” said Camille, who acknowledged she wasn’t as worried about breaking the previous 2A record as she was the overall mark. “ ... I’ve been sitting here for three hours sweating but it was all worth it.”

She will compete collegiately at Centre, where she wants to study behavioral neuroscience and eventually go on to become a physician assistant.

“I love learning about life and how muscles work and how everything gets together,” Camille said.

Ups and downs for Reinhart

Michaela Reinhart, LexCath’s star distance runner, came away 2-for-3 in her events on Friday.

She started the day off anchoring the first-place 4-by-800 team in the day’s first event but finished second behind North Carolina commit Erin Edmundson (North Oldham) in the 1600 run. Reinhart finished strong with a dominating win in the 3200.

It prevented a sweep, but she was happier with how she performed in the 1600 than the final result showed. She led by a couple of lengths for most of the race before losing gas in the final 200 meters.

“I was tired from the gate and so I just told myself, ‘Just stick with her as long as possible,’” Reinhart said with a laugh.


At UK Outdoor Track and Field Complex

1A championships, 9 a.m.

3A championships, 4:30 p.m.



4x800 meter relay—1. North Oldham (Alex McClarty, Luke Gardiner, Will Gillette, Aaron Kay-Anthony), 8:09.24; 2. Mercer Co. (Lex Burkhead, Garrett Dean, Ty Divine, Chase Edwards), 8:22.44; 3. Calloway Co. (Cameron Cooper, Jacob Friedrich, Dareios Stribling, Holland Tetrev), 8:23.86.

110 hurdles—1. Aaron Johnson, Mercer Co., 15.39; 2. Daniel McNeill, Waggener, 15.71; 3. Landon Holt, Caldwell Co., 15.84.

100 dash—1. Jairus Brents, Waggener, 11.06; 2. Codey Stoll, Warren East, 11.25; 3. Korie Cleveland, John Hardin, 11.28.

4x200 relay—1. Paducah Tilghman (Antonio Askew, Jayden Freeman, Hunter Watkins, Montel Wiggins), 1:30.34; 2. Mercer Co. (Dustin Baker, Mishi Easterling, Chase Edwards, Chase Moore), 1:30.37; 3. Moore (Devon Hall, Anthony Jones, Austin Bommarito, Jerrick McMurray), 1:31.67.

1,600 run—1. Trenton Fryman, North Oldham, 4:28.63; 2. Jarrett Mattingly, Thomas Nelson, 4:30.74; 3. Spencer Carmen, Lexington Catholic, 4:37.74.

4x100 relay—1. Shelby Co. (Cole Meredith, Brandon Davis, Michael Perry, Walker McDonald), 43.28; 2. Paducah Tilghman (Antonio Askew, Bryson Brooks, Hunter Watkins, Jayden Freeman), 43.42; 3. Mercer Co. (Chase Moore, Tanner Robins, Mishi Easterling, D. Smith), 43.47.

400 dash—1. Hunter Watkins, Paducah Tilghman, 49.57; 2. Landon Holt, Caldwell Co., 49.66; 3. Korie Cleveland, John Hardin, 49.83.

300 hurdles—1. Dustin Baker, Mercer Co., 40.06; 2. Brendon Garrison, Mason Co., 40.98; 3. Desean Brumfield, Holmes, 41.11.

800 run—1. Trenton Fryman, North Oldham, 1:59. 12; 2. Jacon Friedrich, Calloway Co., 2:00.54; 3. Will Gillette, North Oldham, 2:00.77.

200 dash—1. Jairus Brents, Waggener, 22.37; 2. Chase Moore, Mercer Co., 22.67; 3. Korie Cleveland, John Hardin, 22.87.

3,200 run—1. Trenton Fryman, North Oldham, 9:41.91; 2. Jarrett Mattingly, Thomas Nelson, 9:53.90; 3. Aaron Kay-Anthony, North Oldham, 9:59.28.

4x400 relay—1. Mercer Co. (Dustin Baker, Chase Moore, Chase Edwards, Mishi Easterling), 3:25.42; 2. Paducah Tilghman (Antonio Askew, Hunter Watkins, Montel Wiggins, Joshua Murdock), 3:26.39; 3. Calloway Co. (Cameron Coopr, Jordan Norsworthy, Holland Tetrev, Jacob Friedrich), 3:30.70.

Shot put—1. Jay Stanley, Mason Co., 51-01.25; 2. Drew Davis, Mercer Co., 50-02.75; 3. Tyler Robinson, Highlands, 49-11.75.

Discus throw—1. Blake Chapman, Rowan Co., 150-01; 2. Jay Stanley, Mason Co., 148-09; 3. Nathan Jacobs, Shelby Co.m 144-09.

Long jump—1. Kyrien Stone, Shelby Co. 21-05.50; 2. Codey Stoll, Warren East, 21-01.50; 3. Mishi Easterling, Mercer Co.m 21-01.50.

Triple jump—1. Kyrien Stone, Shelby Co., 45.04.25; 2. Deshawn Bell, DeSales, 42-11.25; 3. Cameron Johnson, Henry Co., 42-10.75.

High jump—1. Deshawn Bell, DeSales, 6-02.00; 2. Isaac Caines, Ashland Blazer, 6-02.00; 3. Dante Brown, Knox Central, 6-00.00.

Pole vault—1. Kaleb Humphries, Elizabethtown, 13-00.00; 2. Travis Myers, Paducah Tilghman, 13-00.00; 3. Dylan Edwards, Fort Campbell, 13-00.00.


1. Mercer Co., 64

2. Paducah Tilghman, 58

3. North Oldham, 56

4. Highlands, 43.75

5. Shelby Co., 42

6. Waggener, 33

7. John Hardin, 29

t8. Thomas Nelson, 23

t8. Lexington Catholic, 23

t.8 Thomas Nelson 23



4x800 relay—1. Lexington Catholic (Emma Vogelsang, Madolyn Ivy, Michaela Reinhart, Abby VanHoeve), 9:41.23; 2. Elizabethtown (Sarah Been, Claire Ratliff, Isabella Galvez, Svannah Kingery), 9:46.14; 3. Mercer Co. (Hailey Stinnett, Faith Lake, Lexy Lake, Haley Blevins), 10:02.86.

100 hurdles—1. Emmie Harris, Boyle Co., 15.92; 2. Lily Lowe, Calloway Co., 16.16; 3. Hannah Reese, Ashland Blazer, 16.52.

100 dash—1. Valesha Watson, Paducah Tilghman, 12.45; 2. Kylie Thompson, Boyle Co., 12.61; 3. Aerial McKay, Moore, 12.68.

4x200 relay—1. Ashland Blazer (Rachel Barber, Sarah Rymer, Kaylee Robinson, Hannah Reese), 1:44.59; 2. John Hardin (Kemya Jones, Mya Muschette, Jordan Nelson, Zinaija Reed), 1:44.90; 3. Highlands (Beth Ann Griffith, Hannah Hartman, Sydney Ossege, Sophie Steppe), 1:47.52.

1,600 run—1. Erin Edmundson, North Oldham, 5:02.23; 2. Michaela Reinhart, Lexington Catholic, 5:05.07; 3. Lauren Radenhausen, Scott, 5:21.79.

4x100 relay—1. Paducah Tilghman (Tanaisha Jordan, Valesha Watson, Brantarius Millikan, Tajhanique Wood), 49.64; 2. Boyle Co. (Daneezia Patton, Allison Hall, Kylie Thompson, Emily Knetsche), 49.71; 3. Ashland Blazer (Sarah Rymer, Kaylee Robinson, Rachael Barber, Hannah Reese), 50.14.

400 dash—1. Valesha Watson, Paducah Tilghman, 58.04; 2. Kaylee Robinson, Ashland Blazer, 59.43; 3. Sierra Mercer, Rockcastle Co., 59.64.

300 hurdles—1. Emmie Harris, Boyle Co., 46.16; 2. Janelle Reed, Knox Central, 47.35; 3. Lily Rowe, Calloway Co., 47.43.

800 run—1. Erin Edmundson, North Oldham, 2:15.64; 2. Madalyn O’Dea, Louisville Christian, 2:20.31; 3. Victoria Dotson, Rockcastle Co., 2:21.87.

200 dash—1. Valesha Watson, Paducah Tilghman, 25.46; 2. Kylie Thompson, Boyle Co., 26.23; 3. Aerial McKay, Moore, 26.34.

3,200 run—1. Michaela Reinhart, Lexington Catholic, 11:14.28; 2. Clara Lynch, Louisville Christian, 11:46. 07; Haley Blevins, Mercer Co., 11:47.44.

4x400 relay—1. Boyle Co. (Becca Tarter, Emmie Harris, Kylie Thompson, Daneezia Patton), 4:06.53; 2. Ashland Blazer (Kaylee Robinson, Hannah Reese, Rachel Barber, Sarah Rymer), 4:07.18; 3. Highlands (Molly Mearns, Beth Ann Griffith, Sydney Ossege, Sophie Steepe), 4:07.18.

Shot put—1. Mikayla Reichart, Highlands, 37-02.00; 2. Kerrigan Brown, Franklin Co., 36-10.75; 3. Brenna Hayes, Casey Co., 36-04.00.

Discus throw—1. Mikayla Reichart, Highlands, 125-03; 2. Ngozi Akukwe, Elizabethtown, 124-02; 3. Grace Bertram, Taylor Co., 100-10.

Long Jump—1. Becca Tarter, Boyle Co., 17-02.25; 2. Mya Muschette, John Hardin, 16-11.00; 3. Lily Lowe, Calloway Co. 16-10.05.

Triple jump—1. Mya Muschette, John Hardin, 35-10.50; 2. Becca Tarter, Boyle Co., 35-03.25; 3. Haley Glynn, Calloway Co., 34-02.25.

High jump—1. Lily Lowe, Calloway Co., 5-08.50; 2. Kira Harman, Nelson Co., 5-04.00; 3. Leia Gregory, Elizabethtown, 5-02.00.

Pole vault—1. Camille Mangold, Lexington Catholic, 12-00.25; t2. Shelby Chobot, Warren East, 10-00.00; t2. Heather Klusman, North Oldham, 10-00.00


1. Boyle Co., 78

2. Highlands, 61

3. Paducah Tilghman, 57

4. Lexington Catholic, 46

5. Calloway Co., 41

6. John Hardin, 38

7. North Oldham, 35.50

8. Rockcastle Co., 34

9. Ashland Blazer, 32

10. Elizabethtown, 25