High School Basketball

UK recruits say they'll take critics in stride

Jon Hood knows there will be nights this winter when his jump shot won't fall, or he'll clang a dunk off the back of the rim. And some fan, seeing him play for the first time, will rush home, get on the Internet and post a snippy comment on a message board about how the Madisonville star might be the biggest recruiting mistake the University of Kentucky has made since Carlos Toomer signed with the Big Blue.

"I know it's coming," Hood said. "People are going to critique me and nit-pick my game, but I can't take it too seriously. The bottom line is, I know I'm going to college on a basketball scholarship, and I earned it."

Scott County junior Dakotah Euton and Clark County sophomore Vinny Zollo, both of whom already have committed to UK, are aware they'll also be targeted by nattering nabobs of negativism who flock to chat rooms or sports talk radio.

Euton, who announced for UK when he was a sophomore at Rose Hill, said he doesn't look at Internet message boards.

"My mom and dad don't want me looking at that stuff, and I don't want to anyway. It means nothing to me."

Zollo is ready to ignore the naysayers, too.

"People will have their opinions on how I play, but that won't change anything. I'll just go out and continue to do what got me to this point, which is have fun and work hard on my game."