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Best friends battle on the football field for the first time

Both photos: Matt Guilfoil (left) and Gavin Cameron, who are now in high school but have been close friends since childhood.
Both photos: Matt Guilfoil (left) and Gavin Cameron, who are now in high school but have been close friends since childhood. Photo provided

Gavin Cameron and Matt Guilfoil grew up next door to one another. On Friday night the two football players took the field against one another for the first time.

Cameron’s Lexington Catholic team defeated Guilfoil’s Lafayette squad, 25-0. It was the first time the two programs played each other since 2014, when each of the senior wide receivers was a freshman.

“We always talked about wanting to play each other,” Cameron started.

“But it just never worked out,” Guilfoil finished.

Both played in the Southeastern Little League baseball system. They were in different age groups but that’s where a friendship seed was planted. Guilfoil moved next door to Cameron in the Harland area soon after Cameron moved into the area, and that’s where the seed blossomed.

Guilfoil proved to be better at baseball; he still plays and is a starting catcher for Lafayette. He readily confessed that Cameron, who gave up baseball in middle school, is his superior when it comes to basketball in the streets.

Cameron taught Guilfoil how to play Call of Duty when they were kids.

“That was when I was nine and he was 10,” Guilfoil said.

“We probably shouldn’t have been playing it back then, that young” Cameron said with a laugh.

They were asked before the game who was going to have more receiving yardage in what was anticipated to be a rainy affair.

“Whoever can catch it with their chest better,” Cameron said with a grin.

Guilfoil had 62 receiving yards on one catch; Lexington Catholic leaned on its run game and only threw five passes in the rain, so Cameron came up empty.

“That was fun, just to see each other across the field, cause it’s only ever been playful (between us),” Guilfoil said. “It’s still playful, it’s all a game.”

Any hard feelings that might have existed after Catholic shut out Lafayette on Friday would be massaged away quickly; the two were planning to go to Red, White and Boom together on Saturday and Sunday.

As of now, neither knows whether they’ll play a sport in college or where they’re going. Guilfoil is in the pre-engineering program at Lafayette while Cameron favors a future in business. They’ve not ruled out going to colleges close to one another, or to the same institution.

“Going to the same place would be awesome,” Guilfoil said. “That would be fun. Our moms would have something to talk about when they’re crying while we leave.”

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