WEG: How much will you pay?

Tickets to a reining event are $74, including a Ticketmaster charge.
Tickets to a reining event are $74, including a Ticketmaster charge.

That's one of the primary questions you may have about WEG, more formally known as the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games. Obviously, there are many price levels depending on what you do. We've put together three scenarios for different levels of participation in the Games at the Kentucky Horse Park, taking place Sept. 25 through Oct. 10. Some are downright bargains; others will pamper you like a king.

BASIC PACKAGE: Public transit, grounds pass, one meal and a small souvenir

Transportation: $2 round trip for the LexTran shuttle (add another $8 if you're parking in the LexTran garage while you hop the shuttle): $2

Grounds pass: $25 plus $5 Ticketmaster charge: $30

Food: You will not be allowed to bring food or drinks to the park. A sandwich, a bottle of water and a soft drink: $12

Souvenirs: WEG visor, $16; ladies T-shirt, $18, or WEG nations T-shirt, $18: $16

Will you see a horse? Yes. The Equine Village will have free demonstrations involving horses: Free

Will you see one of the competitive events? No. Those events require separate tickets.

Total for one person: $60

Total for a family of four: (Two adults, two children, one under 13 admitted free), about $200 if you buy four souvenirs.

Tip: If you buy a ticket to one of the competitions, you get admission to both an equestrian event and the grounds. So, a family of four could go to a preliminary dressage event for $280 and still have access to the events on the grounds. Kids under 12 can get onto the grounds free but must have a ticket for a competitive event.

MODERATE PACKAGE: Parking, ticket to an equestrian event, two meals and a nicer souvenir

Transportation: You drive to the Horse Park and pay $20 to park: $20

Tickets: For a reining event, $67 with a Ticketmaster charge of $7: $74

Food and drink: Lunch and dinner. Prices have not been finalized, but estimates are $40 for two meals: $40

Souvenirs: A WEG ale glass set, $32; WEG youth hoodie, $40; WEG seat/walking stick, $35; WEG program, $15: $32

Total for one person: $166

Total for same family of four: $598, if they buy one of each of the above souvenirs

Tip: If you are in need of housing, check out the private houses, townhomes and condominiums for rent. Prices start at about $200 a night.

LUXURY PACKAGE: Primo parking space, Opening Ceremonies ticket, hospitality pass, celebrity chef dinner and fancy souvenir

Transportation:VIP parking at the Horse Park: $100

Event ticket:Opening Ceremonies tickets are $120 and $150: $150

Hospitality:You can buy a $636 a day hospitality pass that lets you into fine dining and premium bar venues, high-end boutiques and a private patio; these don not include event tickets: $636

Food:The James Beard celebrity chef dinners give you a meal and parking, but no admission to the grounds or an event. Each celebrity chef will work with a Kentucky chef: $300

Souvenirs:Solid silver with select 24 K gold plated medallion, $189; a WEG silk men's tie, $95: $189

Total for one person:$1,375

Total for a family of four: As high as you like. You can bring along friends and spend $41,200 for the Champions Club during the three-day dressage competition. You get a table for eight and "fastidious tableside butler service, bountiful light fare, and premium beverages, as well as an unparalleled view of the event you are attending." The cost includes event tickets.

Tip:Even if you buy an individual hospitality pass, you still have to buy tickets to the events. Each hospitality wristband can be used for one person and one day only.