Cincinnati Reds

Reds outfielder Jesse Winker learned of his team’s trade from fans during game

On Tuesday afternoon, baseball fans were lamenting the lack of activity ahead of Wednesday’s trade deadline.

That all changed in a big way Tuesday night with a three-team deal involving the Cleveland Indians, Cincinnati Reds and San Diego Padres.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Trevor Bauer went to the Reds.
  • Taylor Trammell joined the Padres.
  • The Indians received Yasiel Puig, Logan Allen, Franmil Reyes, Victor Nova and Scott Moss.

Puig was still playing with the Reds and joined in a brawl shortly after news of the deal broke.

In fact, Reds fans let Cincinnati outfielder Jesse Winker know about the trade during the game. This might be a first (Winker cursed, so be warned):

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