Cincinnati Reds

Reds not raising ticket prices next year

CINCINNATI — The Cincinnati Reds have decided fans have suffered enough, so the team isn't raising ticket prices for the 2009 season.

The club had a disappointing 74-88 season in 2008, and spokeswoman Karen Forgus says Reds' chief executive Bob Castellini felt strongly that ticket costs shouldn't go up even one dollar given the way the team played.

The last time the Reds held the line on prices was in 2005.

Forgus says the only exception to the price freeze will affect about 100 season-ticket holders with three- and six-year deals that are expiring. She says they'll be paying 5 to 10 percent more.

The Reds' average ticket price for 2008 was $19.41, according to an annual survey from the Team Marketing Report. The Major League average was $25.43.