Lexington Legends

Legends use 'green team' to promote recycling

Three teams will be at Applebee's Park on Saturday night.

The Lexington Legends and the Bowling Green Hot Rods will be on the field, wearing their usual uniforms.

The Green Team will be circulating in the stands, wearing hard hats and worker's vests, and reminding fans about which materials can be recycled.

The Green Team, about half a dozen strong, has been showing up at every Legends game this season as part of a new emphasis on recycling at the ball park.

Saturday's game, which begins at 7:05 p.m., also is "Green Night." The first 1,000 fans will get free green gym bags. There also will be information on how people can recycle, conserve energy and improve water quality.

A green tip will be announced at every subsequent game. Paper towels in the rest rooms have been replaced by air driers.

The recycling and other environmental efforts were announced by Mayor Jim Newberry and Legends President and CEO Alan Stein at a press conference Friday.

"Recycling is good for the environment, saves energy and provides materials needed by our companies to make new products, usually at a lower price," Newberry said.

The Legends are working with the city's Department of Environmental Quality and the WasteBuster program run by Bluegrass PRIDE (Personal Responsibility in a Desirable Environment), Stein said.

"After we get 400 baseball fans and another 100,000 or so folks coming to Applebee's park, we really do have the opportunity to make a difference. We really can turn our lights down. We really can recycle the material that comes through this facility."