‘We’re getting married come halftime.’ Kentucky football game the backdrop of wedding.

While the football game Saturday against Tennessee left some Kentucky fans disappointed, two Cats fans had a halftime they’ll never forget.

Britt Blanton and Dianna Muncy-Blanton, both of Harlan, were married at Kroger Field during halftime to the cheers of Kentucky and Tennessee fans alike.

“It’s very strange and exciting,” Britt Blanton said afterward. “Everybody and the fans loved it, I kept telling everybody, ‘we’re getting married, we’re getting married come halftime,’ and then they just kept cheering us on and on and on. And the more people that heard it, the more people got involved in it.”

Even some Tennessee fans got excited, Dianna Muncy-Blanton said.

The idea to get married during the game against Tennessee began about four months ago, Muncy-Blanton said. The idea appealed to the couple because it was something unique, Blanton said.

“We just wanted to have fun and enjoy ourselves and not have to go through a bunch of planning,” Muncy-Blanton said.

The wedding was officiated by Cory Lowe, who is also from Harlan County.