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So a 19-year-old kid hits the last-second, game-winning shot in front of a packed Rupp Arena in his first-ever game in a UK uniform.

How can he top that?

He's John Wall.

From that goofy dance at Big Blue Madness to his school-record 16 assists against Hartford in the last game of the calendar year, Wall spent the last three months of 2009 wowing the Wildcats faithful.

Everybody has their favorite moment.

There were the back-to-back fast breaks against North Carolina that made a former McDonald's All-American look foolish.

Then the how-did-he-do-that three-point play to beat Connecticut in Madison Square Garden.

Throw in an in-your-face dunk at Indiana, and Wall had enough material for his year-end highlight reel before conference play even started.

The new year is only two weeks old, and Wall has already graced the covers of Sports Illustrated and the Sporting News and led the Cats to wins over Louisville and Florida. And he's still giving fans the feeling that if they turn away for one second, they might miss something great.

Time will tell how good Wall and the Cats will be, but one thing is certain: They'll still be playing in March. That's enough to make a whole commonwealth dance.

Ben Roberts