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A lot of athletes and coaches talk about sportsmanship, but Emma Talley defined it with her actions at the high school state golf tournament last fall.

The Caldwell County sophomore had already accepted congratulations after wrapping up a second consecutive state title at Bowling Green Country Club when she realized she had signed an incorrect scorecard.

"My heart sank," Talley said.

Playing partner Lydia Gumm had given Talley a par on the last hole, when in fact Talley had a bogey. Talley, caught up in the excitement of winning, didn't catch the mistake and signed the incorrect scorecard.

Talley knew that meant she would be disqualified, but she didn't hesitate to tell tournament officials.

If Talley had caught the error before signing her card, she still would have won by five shots.

Instead, Lindsay Gahm of Sacred Heart took home the championship plaque.

"The name of the game is to be honest," Talley said.

"I know I did the right thing. It's kind of neat that golf is the only sport where you have a chance to do something like this."

Mike Fields