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Man named Bowling finishes out season with 300

Charlie Bowling posted a 300 game in the Beltline League at Collins Bowling Centers-Southland on April 13. The 300 came in his last game of his series and followed a 191 and a 197 for a 688. A perfect last game is not a bad way to end a season.

Two bowlers came close to perfect, rolling 290 games. Billy Short and Kevin Jacobs both accomplished the feat. Short used his 290 to pace the week's high series of 774.The 2009-10 winter season is about over and the summer season begins in May. Now is the time to sign up for a summer league. All area centers have openings, so contact your favorite center for information. Summer league schedules are short and they are a great way to stay in bowling shape for the winter season which begins in August.