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Kentucky Youth Soccer Association moves tournament because of soggy fields

The Kentucky Youth Soccer Association has changed the location of a soccer tournament that had been scheduled to take place in Lexington this weekend, a move that's affecting hundreds of players and their families.

KYSA decided to move the State Open Cup for players ages 13 to 19 from Masterson Station Park to Owensboro with less than a week's notice. Families have had to rush to find hotel rooms, some of which are an hour away in Henderson, Bowling Green, or even Evansville, Ind.

The decision was made Sunday, and KYSA President Tim Turney said 14 of the 148 teams in the tournament had to back out.

The rain-soaked condition of the Masterson Station fields made the move necessary, Lexington Youth Soccer Association president Charlie Brubeck said. LYSA is in charge of maintaining the Masterson Station fields and has hosted the tournament the past five years.

Turney said the rain posed serious threats of damage to the field. He said repairs for ruined fields could cost up to $2 million, which the Lexington organization simply couldn't afford.

Turney said KYSA monitored the fields for four days and consulted field experts and meteorologists before making the decision to move the tournament.

"This decision may have been one of the toughest I ever had to make," he said. "I knew it was going to affect so many people."