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Lexington youth bowling tourney sees some high scores

The Greater Lexington USBC Youth Tournament concluded last Sunday at Collins Bowling Centers-Eastland. The event drew about 100 bowlers from Lexington and Nicholasville.

In the team event, the A division was won by the Dorky Team with Reasonable Attitudes, who rolled a 2,720 handicapped total. Team members were Derian Koszenski, Tyler May, Ryan Haney and James Apo.

The second spot went to the Lafayette team with a 2,605. Team members were Kyle Gillespie, Jacob Horrell, Wes Scherr and Noah Arnold.

The C division champions were Strike Thunder with 2,583. Team members were Bailey Watkins, Jasmine Springer, Sheila Houp and Bobby Barnes.

The Eastland Prep squad rolled 2,610 to win the D division. Team members were Sasha Ushwal, Shelby Russell, Matthew Dreuicke and Nicholas Hearn.

There were no B division entries.

In singles, the winners were Shane Dunsing in the A division (790), Ryder Mattmiller (B-707), Corey Smith (C-675), Bailey Watkins (D-695), Sheila Houp (E-652)and Kaitlyn Short (F-700).

The doubles winners were Jon Taylor and Jon Gilbert in the A division (1,472), Morgan Yazell and Amy Connell (B-1,279), Nicholas Hearn and Tyler Goodpaster (C-1,354), Alex Smith and Jordan Worsham (D-1,361), Anna Fitch and Matt Ross (E-1,322) and Ashley Hunt and Alex Ellis (F-1,282).

The all events titles in A went to Shane Dunsing in the handicap category with 2,092 and Corey Gillespie in the actual 1,965. The B division all events titles both went to Robert Borowski with 1,930 handicap and 1,597 actual.

Corey Smith won both all events titles in the C division (1.963 handicap total 1,342 actual) and Alex Smith did the same in the D division (2,034 handicap and 1,323 actual).

Nicholas Hearn won the handicaped E division with 1,930 and Sheila Houp took the actual title with a 1,045.

Kaitlyn Short won the handicapped F division with a 2,061 and Laura Harasino took the actual title (1,055).

Jeffrey Hulette rolled a 299 during the doubles competion on Nov. 4 to pace a 654 and a second-place finish in B division doubles with his brother Jacob Hulette.