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Bowling: 5 award scores in past week

Local bowlers posted three 800 series, including one by a youth bowler, this past week along with two perfect games

Shane Dunsing rolled an 803 in the youth program at Collins Bowling Centers-Eastland on Nov. 17.

Dunsing, 15, is on the Bourbon County bowling team. He put together games of 279, 288 and 236 for his score, the third award score by a youth bowler this season.

Dunsing uses a two-hand shovel shot style of delivery similar to that of PBA star Jason Belmonte.

Frank Fitch, a member of the Greater Lexington USBC Hall of Fame and no stranger to award scores, rolled an 814 highlighted by a 300 game on Nov. 15 in the Aroundtown League at Collins Bowling Centers-Southland. Fitch sandwiched his perfect game between a 255 and a 259.

Curby Barker posted an 812 in the James R. Wafford Memorial League at Southland on Nov. 19. Barker rolled games of 267, 279 and 266 for his score.

Matt Joyce posted the other 300 game that same night in the Wafford League en route to a 728 series.

Buddy Tournament

The 600 Club held its annual Buddy Tournament on Nov. 11 at Eastland Lanes. The event featured a 600 club member bowling a doubles event, with a woman who has not rolled a USBC sanctioned 600 series as her buddy.

This year's winners were Branda Cummins and Melinda Phillips with a 1,303, worth $200 in prize money. The second spot went to Tara Short and Brenda Elkins (1,275 for $160). Third went to Brenda Morton and Christine Maddox (1,255 for $130). Maddox rolled the event's high series (674). Jean Almaria had the high game (268).