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Greater Lexington youth bowling tournament wraps up

The 33rd Greater Lexington USBC Youth Tournament at Collins Bowling Centers-Eastland, which ended Nov. 22, featured youth competition in six categories based on average.

The winner in the A Division team event was the Scherr Team from Southland. The quartet — Jonathan Kissick, Bryce Lincavage, Wes Scherr and Noah Arnold — rolled a 2,546 handicapped total.

The B Division crown went to the Split Happens team — Zach Monnett, Nicholas Hearn, Noah Hearn and Corey McDaniel — from Eastland, which rolled a 2,634 handicapped score.

The Kissick Team from Southland won the C Division with a 2,752 total. That team’s lineup was Walter Kissick, Ernie Kissick, Hannah King and Vanessa Humphrey.

The Eastland Bantams — Savannah Young, Brianna Williams, Shyla Ashbay and Chase Collier — captured the D Division team title with a 2,751 total.

In singles, the A title went to Drew Ramey with a 739 handicapped total. Other winners were Bryce Lincavage (B Division,789), Walter Kissick (C, 736), Hanna King (D, 664), Zackary Begley (E, 666) and Chase Collier (F, 762).

Doubles winners Tyler Goodpaster and Curtis Everman (A Division, 1,350), Drew Ramey and Jacob Maynard (B, 1,365), Hanna King and Vanessa Humprey (C, 1,323), Zackary Begley and Matthew Yazell (D, 1,403), and Shyla Ashbay and Chase Collier (F, 1,389). There were no entries in the E Division.

The all events winner in A Divison handicapped was Che'Ron Porter with a 2,159, and the actual winner was Corey McDaniel with a 1,812.

Other all events winners were: B Division, Justin Wilson (handicapped, 2,146) and Bryce Lincavage (actual, 1,728), C Division, Walker Kissick (handicapped, 2,102, and actual, 1,373) D Division, Hanna King (handicapped, 1,998, and actual, 1,206), E Division, Zackary Begley (handicapped, 2,030, and actual, 1,076), F Division, Chase Collier (handicapped, 2,237, and actual 887).

▪  Joshua Johnson rolled the Lexington season’s ninth 800 series on Nov. 16 at Collins Bowling Centers-Eastland. Johnson’s score was his first award score and came on games of 258, 278 and 279 for an 815.

▪  Megan Perraut rolled her first 700 on Nov. 23 in the 600 Club league at Southland. She rolled a 279, 265 and 179 for a 723 total.