John Clay

Party never stops in the SEC

Random notes:

■ Just as a fair number of SEC football players, including UK quarterbacks, are forming close, personal relationships with law-enforcement agents, the Princeton Review has just released its annual rankings of the nation's Top 20 party schools.

Guess what? Five SEC member institutions made the list, which is based on 1,200 interviews with students from 368 schools.

As if you weren't already sick of the Gators, Florida partied its way to No. 1.

Ole Miss, home of the most-ever Miss America winners, finished No. 2. Georgia came in seventh, which might cause Mark Richt to demand another celebration penalty.

Tennessee ranked 18th, while Alabama was 19th, proving the Tide still has not fully gotten over the loss of The Bear.

■ As annually occurs in the BCS, the Big Ten came in as conference runner-up, with four of its schools making the Party School list.

■ Next on the Ultimate Fighting Championship: Ken “Junior” Griffey, Jr. vs. Jeff “Cowboy” Brantley.

Bad enough that the Reds are officially sliding down the tubes (again), Griffey is now embroiled in a feud with the Reds color man.

Thinking Brantley had been critical of his play, Griffey made an apparent finger-across-the-throat gesture in Brantley's direction after hitting a home run in Great American Small Park last Saturday.

Players in other leagues have been suspended for similar gestures. Instead, the Reds have asked the team's broadcasters to stay out of the players' lounge and dining room.

Kind of like the way, of late, the Reds have stayed away from home plate.

■ The 38-year-old Griffey is hitting .246, the lowest average of his career, by the way. Maybe he's just mad no one wants him in a trade.

■ Hard to believe, but word has it NBC will devote roughly the same amount of hours to Olympic coverage as it did to Tim Russert tributes.

■ After defending his discipline record (or lack thereof) at Louisville, Bobby “My Bags are Always Packed” Petrino announced yesterday that he has suspended two Arkansas players for the first two games of the upcoming season. Both wide out Marques Wade and linebacker Freddy Burton had been arrested on DWI charges.

■ How is it that the Minnesota Twins lose Johan Santana and are 11 games over .500? The Reds acquire Fransisco Cordero and are seven games under .500.

■ As those in Wisconsin might put it, maybe Brett Favre is a spoiled brat.

■ After Carson Palmer dissed Ohio State in a Los Angeles radio interview — trash talk before the Buckeyes meet Palmer's alma mater, USC, on September 13 — the Bengals quarterback found an unexpected present when he arrived back in Cincinnati. Someone had left a Jim Tressel book on the front steps of Palmer's house.

■ Speaking of the Bengals, that sweet silence coming from Georgetown College this training camp is the absence of Chad Johnson's voice.

■ Chicago Cubs fans booed Notre Dame football Coach Charlie Weis when he sang the traditional Take Me Out to the Ballgame at a recent Wrigley Field. And to think Marty Brennaman once called Cubs fans “obnoxious.”

■ Who is scarier: Heath Ledger in the Dark Knight or Bob Knight?

■ Bruce Springsteen may be the most famous rocker from New Jersey, but he has one less Arena Bowl championship trophy than does Philadelphia Soul owner Jon Bon Jovi.

■ Most every pre-season college football magazine picked Georgia to win the national championship. Yet the SEC media that huddled last week in Alabama picked Florida to win the SEC.

■ If I'm the Red Sox, I let Manny Be Manny somewhere else next season.

■ A pre-college football confession: I missed Beano Cook.

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