John Clay

Gay got it right, Bengals got it wrong

Random notes:

■ He failed to reach the 100-meter Olympic finals over the weekend, but Tyson Gay might have gained fans in the process.

The Lexington native offered no excuses for finishing fifth in the semifinals in Beijing. He didn't blame his hamstring, which was obviously not 100 percent.

Instead, Gay said only that he gave it his all and “I just didn't get it together.”

But the way he held together after the toughest loss of his career said even more about him than his blazing speed.

■ The reason behind the Cincinnati Bengals re-signing Chris Henry is the reason behind the Bengals' addiction to losing. Mike Brown knows not what he's doing.

The Bengals owner undercut his own head coach, Marvin Lewis, who had said publicly he had no interest in the troubled young man. Brown also damaged any connection he might have with his community, which is tired of being the butt of jokes thanks to the Bengals' bad behavior.

Brown might think he is giving Henry a second — third, or fourth, or 10th? — chance, but the owner ran out of chances to prove his competence long ago.

■ For those who thought that NBC focused too much on Michael Phelps, go jump in a pool.

■ Losing Scott Long leaves Louisville short of options at wide receiver. Long broke a bone in his left foot during Monday's practice. It might have also broken Steve Kragthorpe's heart. Long caught 27 passes last year. No other returnee has caught more than two.

■ The loss of Long could negate one of Louisville's advantages this season, having a somewhat experienced quarterback in Hunter Cantwell.

■ Speaking of Cantwell, USA Today Weekly rates him as the second-best senior quarterback prospect this season. And Cantwell has never been a regular starter.

■ Brandon Webb better clear off a spot on his mantel for his second Cy Young Award. Not only is the Ashland native a major-league-best 18-4, he is 6-0 with a 1.68 ERA since July 8.

■ Some are wondering whether racing agencies are now acting too quickly to adopt new drug restrictions. That would be a first.

■ Before you get too worried about the UK offense, remember that neither Derrick Locke nor Moncell Allen participated in last Saturday's scrimmage. You know, the one in which the defense “kicked the offense's butt,” to quote Rich Brooks.

■ UK name to remember this season: Corey Peters.

■ Just to keep you up to date on the comings and goings of Louisville/former Louisville center Derrick Caracter: After being gone, then back, then gone again, then back, this week he is reportedly gone again from the U of L basketball program.

■ It wasn't much of a debut for former UK ­quarter­back Andre Woodson on Mon­day night. The fourth quarterback used by the ­Giants, Woodson worked two series and threw one pass, an incompletion.

Word is Woodson might be waived in hopes that New York could re-sign him for the practice squad.

■ The Browns sure did look bad Monday.

■ Speaking of looks, sorry, but Brett Favre just doesn't look right in green and white.

■ Enjoyed talking to new Eastern Kentucky coach Dean Hood after a practice last week and was glad to hear from insiders that Hood has gone out of his way to seek out Colonels legend Roy Kidd for counsel and companionship. Let's just say that wasn't always the case of late.

■ Because 1967 is the first World Series I remember — “The Impossible Dream” Red Sox losing to the Cardinals in seven games — I wish a speedy recovery to the hospitalized “Yaz.”

■ Fans of the JoeBlog ( rejoice. Kansas City Star columnist Joe Posnanski has struck a deal with Sports Illustrated in which SI will publish the blog and run a Posnanski column.