John Clay

John Clay notes: Reason for Gators, Reds to worry

John Clay
John Clay

Random notes:

■ Admit it, somewhere in the deep recesses of your closet, or your attic, you have a pair of pants just like a pair John Daly wore at the British Open.

■ Given that ESPN broke the story that both the University of Florida and the NCAA are investigating former Gators offensive guard Maurkice Pouncey, concerning an allegation he received $100,000 from an agent last December, guess the media is out to get Florida football, as well.

■ Agents have been and always will be a problem for college athletics. Ask John Calipari about Marcus Camby.

■ Not a good sign that Reds third baseman Scott Rolen might have to go on the disabled list with a pulled hamstring. The 35-year-old hasn't played in more than 128 games in any of the last three seasons.

■ Seems strange the NCAA would announce that Connecticut Athletics Director Jeff Hathaway will take over as chair of its men's basketball committee. After all, UConn is readying an appeal of an NCAA ruling that penalized the Huskies for basketball violations. Then again, this is the NCAA.

■ Heard former MLB commissioner Fay Vincent, who had numerous run-ins with George Steinbrenner, say he would not speak ill of the dead. Sorry, can't take the high road here. Steinbrenner's spending sprees over the years changed baseball, and not for the better.

■ Congrats to DeMarcus Cousins for being named NBA Rookie of the Month, but the NBA summer league is not the league.

■ Like Sarah Palin, I have always compared my typos to Shakespeare.

■ Rob Mullens will do a great job as the lead Duck in Oregon.

■ As for Southern California, the troubled Trojans are replacing one former football star (Mike Garrett) with another former football star (Pat Haden). Oh yeah, that'll work. Actually, given Haden's smarts and straight-arrow rep, it just might work.

■ It might not work for Lane Kiffin, however.

■ Maybe ESPN should make The Decision a weekly episode. Next up, which NFL team will decide not to sign Terrell Owens this week?

■ Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are entering the final years of their respective deals. Think they might want to play together on the same team?

■ The Reds have lost five games by the identical score of 1-0 this year. Yet they entered Tuesday night 10 games over .500.

■ The St. Louis Cardinals are now wearing the "yellow jersey," and I'm not sure they're giving it back.

■ Having seen a little of his VH1 show The Ultimate Catch, I feel certain that Chad Ochocinco will be free at next year's Emmys.

■ In his diary for Sports, Patrick Patterson wrote that the highlight of his Las Vegas stay for the summer league was meeting DJ Jazzy Jeff of the Fresh Prince fame. At least he didn't say Carlton.

■ When you weren't looking, Georgia basketball earned a commitment from the 15th-ranked player, by Rivals, in the Class of 2011. Name is Kentavious Caldwell. Yes, Georgia.

■ Read where Pat Riley has duplicate championship rings in platinum and silver, to match his outfit for the day. And you thought the girls in Sex and the City 2 had wardrobe problems.

■ Good luck to now-retired Vandy coach Bobby Johnson, the most underappreciated coach in the SEC. Few did more with less.

■ Did you see where a GameStop in Tuscaloosa, Ala., swapped the EA Sports NCAA '11 cover with a picture of Tim Tebow crying? That's cold.

■ This just in: ESPN's Chris Broussard says that while LeBron has signed with the Heat, his sources say that is still subject to change.

■ Love the Heels, hate the Heels, news of Dean Smith's memory loss had to make any college basketball fan sad.