John Clay

John Clay's notes: No reason to fire Pitino now

Random notes:

■ Surprised about the sudden calls for Louisville to oust Rick Pitino, even if the loudest source of such cries is probably a blue-tinged contingent.

The Karen Sypher trial is certainly embarrassing for the Cardinals' coach. But other than some salacious details, there has been very little new information concerning Pitino. If the school was going to dismiss Pitino, it would have done so when the scandal first broke last summer.

It didn't fire Pitino then, nor will it now. Nor should it.

■ In a Courier-Journal Internet poll, 60 percent said Pitino should either resign or be fired. Remember, there are a lot of Kentucky fans in Jefferson County.

■ The Big East media did new U of L coach Charlie Strong a big favor by picking the Cardinals to finish last in the conference.

■ Louisville did get some good news Tuesday: Big-time QB signee Dominique Brown is eligible.

■ I was more surprised two weeks ago when UK assistant coach John Robic appeared to indicate that Darnell Dodson would be playing in 2010-11 than I was when John Calipari announced Sunday night, via Facebook, that Dodson would be sitting this one out.

■ Funny how at trade time, it was St. Louis, not Cincinnati, that panicked and gave away too much to get a pitcher. The Reds stood pat. Winning two out of three from NL East-leading Atlanta over the weekend confirmed the Reds' decision making.

■ After the Cardinals traded away outfielder Ryan Ludwick to get pitcher Jake Westbrook, St. Louis Post-Dispatch columnist Bernie Miklasz tweeted that the winner in the deal was Walt Jocketty.

■ I haven't made up my mind yet about Brett Favre finally making up his mind. Maybe.

■ One of the funniest non-sexual facts in the Karen Sypher trial is that she wrote her alleged demands on University of Louisville stationery.

■ Tennessee Coach Derek Dooley refusing to grant running back Bryce Brown his scholarship release is bogus, even if Brown did not show up for a scheduled meeting. A program gets a new coach, players should be allowed to depart. Just as coaches are allowed to depart.

■ Lookin At Lucky's impressive win in the Haskell is more proof the Kentucky Derby should reduce its limit from 20 horses to 14. Had Lucky not encountered so many traffic problems in the 20-horse field, we might have had a Triple Crown winner this year.

■ Some see Ole Miss Coach Houston Nutt as giving ex-Oregon quarterback Jeremiah Masoli a second chance. Others see Nutt as being desperate and dirty. Nutt just wants to see himself as the Rebels' coach for another year. Bottom line.

■ At the Calipari Pro Camp last week, a young camper asked Patrick Patterson for his favorite memory at UK. Patterson said it was DeMarcus Cousins' shot that helped beat Mississippi State in the finals of the SEC Tournament. Vintage Patterson, who put the team first.

■ Nothing against Terrell Owens, but for my money rookie tight end Jermaine Gresham will be the Bengals' best addition at receiver.

■ When the Internet is good, it's very good. But when it's bad, it's very bad. For example, the Internet speculation that DeMarcus Cousins was in the car that may or may not have been racing Tyreke Evans, when that Sacramento King was arrested for going 130 miles an hour on a California freeway.

The incident happened May 31.

Cousins didn't even become a King until June 24.

Some people just make stuff up.

■ As ex-New York Observer editor Peter Kaplan said recently of some Internet information sources, "It's like sending unchecked meats out to the public."

■ Happy birthday to Wah Wah Jones, who recently turned 84.