John Clay

John Clay: 10 observations from UK's trip north

John Clay
John Clay

Random notes:

■ Two nights and one morning glued to the tube watching exhibition college basketball in August produced the following observations.

1. Brandon Knight looks to score. He may look to score more often than he looks to help others to score. Considering how well Knight scores, however, that doesn't appear to be a problem.

2. Darius Miller is much more confident. You have the feeling that he has the feeling that this is more his team. Miller is not a vocal player. You don't have to be a vocal player to lead, when your actions lead.

3. Doron Lamb shot the ball better in practices than he did in Canada.

4. This team could use Enes Kanter. Most college teams could use an Enes Kanter.

5. John Calipari's Tuesday morning outfit, the product of a Facebook poll, made the Kentucky coach appear one dance step away from John Travolta. Either that, or it was Cal's nod to Monday's anniversary of Elvis Presley's death.

6. Even after three days, Dave Baker — or is it Dale? — exhibited more energy than did that sideline reporter named Dom on the first day.

7. This team is not as good as last year's team, but it appears to be a better ball-handling team.

8. Will this team be a good rebounding team? Major question.

9. This team is going to be a true dribble-drive motion team. Last year's was not. Then again, last year's team won 35 games.

10. Remember, we didn't see Kanter or Eloy Vargas. We saw Terrence Jones for all of one game.

■ Did you see where an Arkansas radio reporter was fired after she wore a Florida hat to a Bobby Petrino news conference?

Petrino made reference to the hat when he answered a question from Renee Gork, a Florida alum, then said he would not answer any more questions from anyone wearing that hat. The next day, the station axed Gork.

Arkansas fans say there is more to the story. They hope there is more to the story.

■ Yeah, I know, to golf fans the PGA finish was compelling. But to non-golf fans, the two-stroke penalty leveled against then-leader Dustin Johnson appeared just plain dumb.

■ This hasn't been the best year for golf. There were Tiger's embarrassments off the course, then on. After Phil Mickelson's heart-tugging Masters, the majors crashed downhill. It was topped off by the controversy at the PGA. Not to mention that Corey Pavin-Jim Gray confrontation.

The Ryder Cup better be compelling.

■ By the way, Tiger Woods doesn't deserve a Ryder spot, but he'll get a Ryder spot.

■ Still think the Cards will win the NL Central, but the Reds could still pull it out with fresh arms. Homer Bailey's six-inning, three-hit, no-run, no-walk stint on Sunday was more than encouraging.

■ As the Reds make this West Coast swing, did you know they have not won a game in Dodger Stadium since 2005?

■ Dusty Baker told reporters he spent his two-game suspension listening to Van Morrison's Too Long in Exile. But then you knew from those sweatbands he wears, Dusty was cool.

■ Saw enough of Sunday night's Broncos-Bengals pre-season game to know that Tim Tebow's throwing motion has not changed from college.

■ Tebow did sport a better haircut Sunday, however. Wesley Woodyard solidified his place in Kentucky football history for what his shears did to Tebow's head in Broncos camp.

■ Best Bengals stat from Sunday was rookie tight end Jermaine Gresham catching three balls for 37 yards. He needs to be a key.

■ On HBO's Hard Knocks, it took Jets Coach Rex Ryan 52 minutes to drop the F-bomb 10 times. Ex-UK offensive coordinator Elliot Uzelac would refer to Ryan as an amateur. Only Uzelac would put an F-bomb in front of it.

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