John Clay

John Clay's notes: It's OK for UK to compliment U of L

Mitch Barnhart, University of Kentucky athletics director. Photo provided by UK.
Mitch Barnhart, University of Kentucky athletics director. Photo provided by UK.

Random notes:

■ UK Athletics Director Mitch Barnhart saying that Louisville has had a "nice year" in college athletics is a little like saying that George Clooney is not unattractive.

It's like saying Nate Silver can count.

It's like saying Duck Dynasty's Uncle Si is mildly entertaining.

Louisville beat Florida in the Sugar Bowl, won the men's national title in basketball, finished runner-up in the women's tournament and reached the College World Series in baseball.

Think that's a little better than a "nice year."

■ It's also OK to compliment U of L without it being seen as a knock at UK. Or vice versa.

■ If I didn't know better, I'd believe ESPN was paying half of Tim Tebow's salary just so New England would sign him.

■ First there were those hideous Adidas uniforms, now there is talk of possible logo facemasks for football.

Please. Stop. Now.

■ If Conner quarterback Drew Barker works as hard at quarterback at Kentucky as he does recruiting fellow prospects to be future Wildcats, he'll be a rousing success.

■ Love the fact that with all the talk of the "Big Three" for both San Antonio and Miami, the Spurs' Danny Green has been the most productive player in the NBA Finals so far.

■ Not sure I see the wisdom in the Breeders' Cup deciding to return to Santa Anita for a third straight year.

How are you going to grow the sport by holding its so-called "Super Bowl" at the same site year after year after year?

And why does it seem like horse racing is continually going backward?

■ The Reds are 7-14 against teams currently with winning records and 33-12 against teams currently with losing records.

■ The best thing that could happen to the Reds has happened each of the last two games. Todd Frazier has gone deep.

■ Did you see where Patrick Ewing's daughter has enrolled at Louisville to play volleyball?

■ If I had to guess, I'd say Nerlens Noel won't be the top pick in the NBA Draft, but he'll go top three.

■ My prediction is that Archie Goodwin will be picked.

■ Congrats to John Cohen, the former Kentucky coach who has guided his alma mater, Mississippi State, to the College World Series.

■ The USGA wants faster play at the U.S. Open. That might be tough when the golfers have to swim to their holes at rain-soaked Merion Golf Club.

■ Speaking of which, saying Louisville had a "nice year" is like saying Tiger Woods and Sergio Garcia are not the best of friends.

(Sorry, had to try one more.)

■ Golf isn't the only slow-moving game. The Boston Globe reports Major League Baseball games are averaging 2:57:53 in length, which would tie the 2000 season for the all-time high.

■ Looks like there could be bowl games at Dubai, Dublin and the Bahamas in the future. Talk about blowing your post-season travel budget.

■ By the way, that Yahtzee cry that UK coaches use to signal the program has landed another commitment is pure genius.

■ Loved this quote from Cot Campbell, the 85-year-old head of the Dogwood Stable syndicate that owns Belmont winner Palace Malice, "I don't want to chase any rabbits I can't catch."

■ Florida is scheduling a $40 million renovation to the O'Connell Center, starting next summer.

■ Texas A&M is the only SEC school that doesn't play at least one BCS non-conference opponent in football next season. Florida, Georgia and South Carolina each play two.

■ Did you see where UT fans were upset that the Athens, Tenn., Chamber of Commerce invited Nick Saban to speak at a benefit? Seems to me that the Vols could learn something from the Alabama coach.

■ Saw where after the grueling Triple Crown trail, Orb was sent to Fair Hill Training Center in Maryland for a little rest and relaxation.

Must be nice.