Video games on a movie screen? Lexington fighting game tournament up for the challenge

Gamers attended a tournament organized by Cosmic Arcade at Al’s Bar earlier this year.
Gamers attended a tournament organized by Cosmic Arcade at Al’s Bar earlier this year. Cosmic Arcade

If you’ve ever wanted to play video games while your moves are being projected on a movie screen ... or if you’ve ever wanted to lounge in a recliner and have food brought to you while you watch other people play video games on a movie screen, here’s your chance.

Cosmic Arcade is teaming up with Movie Tavern in Brannon Crossing to host Big Screen Bash.

The event, from noon to 11 p.m. Sept. 25, is a fighting game tournament celebrating the second anniversary of Cosmic Arcade’s opening.

Cosmic Arcade, run by co-founders Curtis Scifres and Matt Parrott, of Lexington, regularly hosts gaming tournaments at bars and other venues around town where players get together to face off. The business typically has a gaming event on the last Wednesday night of every month at Malibu Jack’s in Lexington.

But this month, they’ll be at Movie Tavern instead.

Scifres said this is the first time the theater has hosted a video game tournament, and he has high hopes that it will do well.

“It’s kind of like a tester,” Scifres said.

Gamers played in a tournament organized by Cosmic Arcade at Al’s Bar. Curtis Scifres Cosmic Arcade

He said participants in the Big Screen Bash will play on monitors set up in the front part of the cinema, while the upper half of the theater will be reserved for spectators.

Advance registration is available online at Smash.gg. Admission is $20, with an additional $10 entry fee for each of the nine main tournament games, including Tekken 7, Mortal Kombat 11 and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Entry is free for several single-elimination tournaments for other games.

Scifres said he hopes to have 50 to 100 participants. He said the theater likely could not accommodate more than 100.

The first 40 people at the bash will receive a collectors button, he said.