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The Elizabeth Warren DNA fiasco

A lot of smart people believe that Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts is the front-runner for the Democratic nomination in 2020. A recent New York magazine profile by Jonathan Chait claimed that she’s winning the invisible primary – building campaign networks, rolling out policy proposals, wooing insiders, intimidating rivals.

National Opinions

Three things the Republicans got totally wrong

Two weeks from Tuesday, we will no longer have to scan polls and watch fund-raising totals. Until then, however, there are strong signals — from Republicans and mounds of polling data — that the White House and GOP-controlled Congress misunderstood the electorate, badly, in no less than three ways.


Cultural divide is deeper, older than Trump

Tom Eblen presents the 2018 congressional race as a referendum on President Donald Trump. But Trump is a manifestation of the reaction to Bill and Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama’s pursuit of a new set of cultural values for the nation.

President Trump’s attacks on the media are unprecedented

Politicians often grumble about journalists. But President Donald Trump has upped the ante to a level unprecedented in modern times. No, the press is not the "enemy of the American people."