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Should humans tinker with human blueprints?

Sometimes the future arrives in waves, advancing abruptly and then withdrawing. This month a Chinese researcher named He Jiankui announced that he had successfully altered the genetic code of a pair of twin girls born this month. He said that while they were still embryos, he had edited the babies’ genes to make them resistant to HIV infection, but he offered few further details.


Kentucky must stop backsliding on education

More squabbling over under-baked ideas that were hatched in the dark won’t help Kentucky catch up with other states. Here’s hoping the backlash to their graduation requirements taught Wayne Lewis and Hal Heiner the value of enlisting stakeholders in big decisions. Now can we focus on something that will make a difference, like expanding pre-school.


Spotlight on Pikeville missed some notables

Pikeville is all the rage now. Those not being Foxed may have seen us on nationwide public television in the report, “In rural Appalachia, can health care become the new coal?” It showed a view down Main Street where the stores used to be.

National Opinions

The Trump administration got worse under Kelly

Not even his departure went well. President Donald Trump reportedly was to announce on Monday White House Chief of Staff John Kelly’s departure but blabbed to the press on Saturday; on Sunday, Kelly’s expected replacement, Nick Ayers, announced he would not be taking the job. A final, fitting spasm of chaos for Kelly.

President Trump’s attacks on the media are unprecedented

Politicians often grumble about journalists. But President Donald Trump has upped the ante to a level unprecedented in modern times. No, the press is not the "enemy of the American people."