Looks like Kaley Cuoco is back in ‘the land of bourbon and horses’

After “Big Bang Theory” taped its final episode, actress Kaley Cuoco hit the road to Kentucky.

Cuoco, who is married to equestrian Karl Cook, has taken up show jumping as a serious interest.

Now apparently they both are riding around at the Kentucky Horse Park.

In a video posted Tuesday on Instagram, Cook said from horseback, “So I’m here in Kentucky and I’m walking back to the barn. And my wife (flash of Cuoco, also on horseback, waving) is telling me we have to do an Instagram video ...” After some joking about camera angles, Cook says, “But I think the big thing everyone wants to know is what happened with the Bourbon Cream last night? Why did you spit it up?”

“Because you made me laugh, as much as I hate to admit it!” Cuoco responds.

So it sounds like they taking full advantage of being in “the land of horses and bourbon,” as she posted on her Instagram.

Cuoco also posted a video of them driving around the Bluegrass while she sings along to “9 to 5,” the Dolly Parton song.

Cuoco and Cook have visited Lexington several times, including last spring, when he competed in the show jumping Grand Prix and she helped to judge the tailgating at the Land Rover Three-Day Event at the Horse Park.

She’s also visited Claiborne Farm in Bourbon County.