Celebrities from coast to coast rejoice over Obama's win

A tsunami of joy — and, most important, verbal hot air — has emanated from celebs since Barack Obama's win. Oprah Winfrey, who was at Chicago's Grant Park, told the BBC, "It feels like there's a shift in consciousness. ... like something really big and bold has happened here." Spike Lee seconded her. "In this referendum of the American people, there's been a seismic movement as far as American views on race," he told the BBC. Madonna led fans in Express Yourself at her show in San Diego. Because the world hangs on his every word, George Clooney issued a press statement. Will.i.am told CNN's Anderson Cooper, "I'm just really overwhelmed." Michael Moore said on his blog, "Tears pour out. Tears of joy ... hope in a time of deep despair." E! News reports that Jennifer Aniston, John Mayer, Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen partied at Courteney Cox and David Arquette's Beverly Hills home. USA Today says the Comedy Central Indecision 2008 party in New York, which was hosted by Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, featured Seann William Scott, Jane Krakowski and Ethan Hawke.

Getting to know her dad

Jett Williams never met her father, Hank Williams Sr., who died five days before she was born in 1953. But she's come to learn more about him from 143 never-released recordings he did for a radio program in 1951. The recordings were retrieved from a trash bin and ended up part of the Williams estate. They're being released over the next three years.

"It's very intimate," Jett Williams, a 55-year-old country singer, said recently. "It's interesting because it's live, and you hear him make a mistake or the band make a mistake and you get to hear how he handles it," she added. Born to Bobbie Jett, Williams' girlfriend between his two marriages, Jett Williams didn't have a clue her father was Hank Williams until her 21st birthday. It took her years of legal action to receive recognition and a share of his estate.

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