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Album review: Kenny Chesney

Kenny Chesney

Lucky Old Sun

Here we go again. With Lucky Old Sun, Kenny Chesney crosses sand he has trod many times before. In other words, this is another set of songs largely about finding solace in a tropical clime.

Like 2005's Be As You Are (Songs From an Old Blue Chair), the superstar avoids his anthemic country-rock in favor of somber ruminations, sometimes with a Caribbean lilt, that are supposed to signal soul-baring. The upbeat, reggae-flavored Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven and the horny old barroom tale Ten With a Two seem thrown in merely to change pace and mood.

Problem is that, once again, Chesney comes across as hopelessly shallow. If there is any real depth to the singer — if he really does bear some restlessness and hurt that drive him to seek his healing in the sun — he's not selling it. Combine his trite, one-note prescription for fulfillment with the easy-listening approach, and the result is a real snoozer. Guests Dave Matthews and Willie "I'll Sing With Anybody" Nelson don't do anything to help.