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The Band Perry has a No. 1 single, a Grammy bid and a gig with Tim McGraw

The Band Perry — siblings Reid, 22, left; Kimberly, 27; and Neil Perry, 20 — hit No. 1 on the country single chart with If I Die Young.
The Band Perry — siblings Reid, 22, left; Kimberly, 27; and Neil Perry, 20 — hit No. 1 on the country single chart with If I Die Young.

The Band Perry's breakthrough single, If I Die Young, by siblings Kimberly (lead vocals, guitar, piano), Reid (bass guitar) and Neil Perry (drums, mandolin and accordion), has been one of the most played on country radio this past year.

The poignant ballad found on the band's self-titled debut album takes maudlin subject matter and imbues it with touching positivity. Over a fiddle-laced melody, Kimberly reflects on a life well lived in a manner that's instantly endearing.

"It was the first song written for the album, and we were so excited," said Kimberly, 27, the sole writer of If I Die Young and the oldest child of the family from Mobile, Ala. "We looked at each other and realized we had lived pretty complete lives even though we were just in our young 20s. It's a reminder to make the most of our lives whether we're on the planet for another two minutes or 200 years.

"I wrote it out of a place of contentment," she said during a recent phone interview. "Despite the title, the song is more about life than death. And when crowds sing the song back to us it's so cool."

The Band Perry's first single, Hip to My Heart, came out in November 2009. It's a bouncy ditty about being boy-crazy, and it reached a respectable No. 20 on Billboard's Hot Country Songs chart. If I Die Young hit the airwaves last June and slowly kept gaining plays until it reached No. 1 shortly after the group's album became available in October.

"I kind of feel like what a runner feels after a marathon and finishing first," Kimberly said. "It was about a six-month chart process with lots of baby steps. We were actually in Toronto right after Thanksgiving when we got the news. It really sank into our minds and hearts during Christmastime, when we shut down for 10 days and looked back over the past year and could really cherish that moment — that country radio and country music lovers gave us that No. 1 hit."

On Feb. 13, The Band Perry plans to attend the 53rd annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles. If I Die Young has been nominated for best country song; the trophy goes to the writer. Competition includes songs written for George Strait, Miranda Lambert, Gretchen Wilson and Zac Brown's self-written Free. Win or lose, the Perrys are just excited about being invited to the music industry's biggest night — and maybe crossing paths with their favorite pop star.

"Neil is looking forward to meeting Lady Gaga," Reid, 22, said of his younger brother, who's 20.

Kimberly quickly added: "I love her. Especially when she strips down to just her and the piano. Everything about her. She's just really interesting."

The Academy of Country Music recently announced The Band Perry as nominees for new vocal duo or group. The JaneDear Girls and Steel Magnolia are up for the same honor. Fans could start voting for their favorites online starting Sunday, and the winner will be announced live at the ACM Awards in Las Vegas on April 3.

"It's just another one of those things you watch every year, and to be a part of it is pretty cool," Neil said.

Also coming up this spring for The Band Perry is a tour with country superstar Tim McGraw; the tour comes to Pikeville in May and Cincinnati in July. The Perrys have been listening to McGraw's songs practically their entire lives. Kimberly remembers one in particular that topped the country chart in 1997.

"You know that duet he sang with Faith Hill: It's Your Love?" she asked. "Growing up in Mobile, a buddy and I would go mudding and play that song."

One can only wonder how many fond memories are attached to If I Die Young. Chances are the Perrys will perform the beautiful ballad for many years to come. Its writer welcomes the opportunity.

"We're proud of that song and how it defines us musically," Kimberly said. "We'd be pretty pleased to sing it the rest of our life."