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Organizer has big plans for MoonTower Music Festival in Midway


The standing question that has long faced local concert audiences and promoters always comes down to music festivals.

In short, could Lexington ever nurture and sustain one that might one day become something that could parallel the likes of Louisville's nationally recognized Forecastle or Cincinnati's burgeoning Bunbury?

Kaelyn Query says that, in time, it could. She hopes the idea will take root this weekend with the inaugural MoonTower Music Festival at Equus Run Vineyards in Midway.

"We wanted to bring some large-scale entertainment to Lexington while still maintaining that grass-roots feel behind it," said Query, owner of LexEffect, the events and management company presenting the event.

"Lexington has a lot of history, culture and heritage. We just want to celebrate that as much as we can. You look at places like Louisville or Savannah, they just get so much attention for all the things they have going on. I want Lexington and Central Kentucky to get a little of that love."

Query wants that love to have a modest and workable start. She has designed MoonTower's debut as a single-day, eight-act, multi-genre event, with the Nashville progressive pop band Moon Taxi and the Kentucky-bred country duo Sundy Best as headliners. But plans are in place to expand the event in 2015.

"The MoonTower Music Festival was based on some other festivals from around the country," she said. "It's only one day this year, but we're jumping to two days next year. We wanted some big headliners like Moon Taxi and Sundy Best this year, but we also wanted to keep that hometown feel and bring in people from across the region and across the country.

"Our (attendance) goal is 1,200 people. That's small in this kind of festival mindset, especially when you look at Forecastle or Bonnaroo. But this festival is kind of unique in that we have multiple genres. We're not focusing on just one.

"We want to show everybody this is a great thing that Lexington can build and get behind. It will bring money into the city and give everybody a good time for a good price. Of course, we would like to grow it, to bring in some more genres, to bring in some more acts. That will help us to keep bringing in more local vendors, local food trucks, local breweries and distilleries. Really, our main focus is to support and promote Central Kentucky and everybody that's here."

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