Visual Arts

Mural honoring mothers oversees construction and traffic at Short and Midland

Mere yards from construction to repair sewers and storm water systems at Short Street and Midland Avenue, New York artist Alice Mizrachi has begun work on one of the highest-profile murals in the annual PRHBTN street art festival.

A blue-haired woman stretches out her arms on the long, multi-level wall on the side of CycleYOU fitness in “Letters of Gratitude: Dear Mom,” an image Mizrachi describes as, “a letter of gratitude to my mother and all the mothers out there.”

A lot of her murals are goddess-like depictions of women, she said, which can be seen in a gallery of her murals from across the country as well as South America and Europe at

Mizrachi’s is one of several murals going up as part of this year’s PRHBTN, along with a new piece by Fintan Magee that is progress on Short Street. Spencer Reinhard competed a piece on Vine Street at the transportation center earlier this month, and there are still upcoming murals from local artist Casey Peel at Bryan Station High School, New York artist TRAP at Whitaker Bank Ballpark, and Patch Whisky at the new Cosmic Charlie’s location at 105 West Loudon Avenue.

There is also a PRHBTN gallery exhibit opening at 6 p.m. Friday night at the Lexington Art League’s Loudoun House Gallery.

Mizrachi’s mural is one of the highest profile locations for a PRHBTN mural, occupying a massive wall on a major route in and out of downtown Lexington. Event co-director John Winters said CycleYOU had wanted a mural for a while, and he felt they found a perfect match of artist and business in Mizrachi.

“A lot of people will see it,” Winters said.

Mizrachi added, “That’s why it has to be so good. No pressure, Alice. No pressure.”