Deep in The Woods, you’ll find natural beauty, fond family memories

Tucked inside a cul-de-sac down The Woods Lane, beneath towering trees in the wide embrace of woods-like shade is a dwelling just as lovely as its lush green setting. Water moves gently in a nearby creek, and the sound of it splashing over rocks and into the brook below is a defining feature of the quaint street that veers just off an ever-rushing Alumni Drive.

“That’s one thing we really enjoy (here), is the nature,” says Ginny Green, homeowner at 2372 The Woods Lane.

When they were on the lookout for a home 13 years ago, Ginny said all her husband wanted was a water feature in their backyard, and that’s just what they found.

“It’s a great view, and when it rains, it turns into this waterfall,” she said.

“We liked the big, mature trees. You don’t get that a lot. We loved the lot and the yard,” said her husband, Jim.

Little brown rabbits hop across the home’s brick walkway and through the backyard near the stream. Ginny said they’ve seen ducks, many rabbits and even foxes on the property.

While it remains cool and shaded outdoors, the Greens keep it light and lively on the inside; Ginny loves yellow, and she’s managed to incorporate the sunny shade into nearly every room, mixed in with greens, reds and lots of floral prints.

The couple has renovated many areas of the home, including the kitchen, the bathrooms, the floors, the basement and added their screened-in porch, which is surrounded by the tranquil, natural views.

“Jim loves the screened-in porch. He’s out there a lot. We have dinner out there often,” Ginny said. “He’ll catch up on emails and do some light work. We just like being out there. We like to watch and listen to the birds.”

“I mostly like to read there,” Jim said.

The couple also put in the yard’s landscaping. Hostas and other leafy green plants brush against the brick home, its exterior covered in dappled sunlight. The yard is one area of the house Ginny loves to spend her time, piddling around and planting flowers here and there. She also loves her kitchen, where they’ve installed white cabinets, stainless steel appliances and yellow and white floral wallpaper.

“It’s bright and cheery, and I’ve never tired of (the wallpaper),” Ginny said. “I like the way it’s laid out. When you’re bringing in groceries, it’s three steps and you’re in the kitchen from the garage. You can stand at the sink and look over and see (the view outside). It’s a nice setting to be in.”

With the help of her sister and mom, both decorators, Ginny has come to learn the art of interior design in her home over the years, which has made it special for her. By incorporating family pieces and making big and small changes throughout the house, she said she’s gained confidence in her design choices.

One big change was the living room, which was covered in dark wood paneling for many years. They lightened the walls and added wainscoting, which brightened and refreshed the room where they’ve spent lots of time with their two sons.

“We’ve done most of our living in this room,” Ginny said.

It’s where they’ve hosted many holidays with their extended family, and Ginny said she loves how you can see the Christmas tree in that room from the road. Jim looks fondly at the American flag folded into a shadow box above the fireplace that belonged to his late father, and said he’s enjoyed building fires there during many cold winters.

“That’s our main thing. Our family is very important to us,” Ginny said.

With a refrigerator that always stocked with Ale-8-One and lots of food for growing boys, the house is full of memories of family and friends gathering around and sleeping just about anywhere. The basement has been the central hangout for their kids with a pool table, a fireplace and lots of living space.

“It’s mostly been about us and raising our boys and all their friends in the house,” Jim said.

This week’s feature home is listed with Steve Klein of Bluegrass Sotheby’s International Realty.