Major renovations transformed house with problems into a home filled with love

When Brad and Barb Bacon bought their Versailles home in 1999, they immediately realized that it would “need some work.”

“It was just a regular three-bedroom, 2-1/2-bath home with a two-car garage,” Brad recalled. “But the previous owners had done quite a bit of adding-on in rather helter-skelter fashion, so that the house actually had six different roof lines.”

Built around 1984, the house also would not have passed the latest housing inspections, he said.

“So, we knew we’d have to do some things to it,” Brad said. “But we never dreamed we’d end up doing everything we did.”

Ultimately, that included tearing out much of the original structure; strengthening the rest by jacking up the center section and installing steel support beams and piers; moving or removing various walls and doors; creating a new open floor plan; building an enormous new kitchen and oversize patio; and building almost 2,500 square feet of additional space.

When all that was done – it took more than a year – the 2,300 square-foot “regular house” had been transformed into a beautiful, spacious and inviting home with almost 5,500 square feet of space. It still exudes feelings of security and “homeyness” after sheltering the Bacons and their three sons in style and comfort for almost 20 years.

“It’s a real Cinderella story,” Barb says.

But the boys are out on their own now, and Barb and Brad are selling the home because they no longer need all the space and are preparing to downsize.

The home is located at 229 Stourbridge Road, in the scenic Stourbridge neighborhood on the south side of Versailles. It’s an area of gently rolling hills, mature trees, large homes and quiet streets. Though the Bluegrass Parkway is close by, traffic noise doesn’t intrude.

“It’s very quiet out here,” Barb says.

The two-story home (no basement) features gray-painted brick, with black shutters and white trim. There is an attached two-bay garage. Altogether, there’s parking for up to seven vehicles. There’s a shady porch for relaxed sitting in front, plus that huge patio for entertaining out back.

There are five bedrooms, four and 1/2 baths. There is a formal dining room, plus eat-in kitchen with bar. The second-floor master suite features walk-in closets with custom shelving, his and hers vanities, a big shower and a Jacuzzi.

The house sits on just over an acre of land. Utilities are underground.

Back in the late 1990s, the Bacons were living in Arkansas. Barb, a graduate of the Art Institute of Chicago, was an interior decorator. Brad ran his own landscape-architecture firm.

But they wanted to move to Kentucky, where Brad planned to help his father in the horse business. They spent almost a year scouting for a suitable new home in Central Kentucky.

“We took turns flying back here, looking at places,” Barb said. “We were thinking of a small farm, maybe 30 acres, the Kentucky Dream. But it didn’t work out.”

With time running short, Barb sent Brad back to Kentucky once more with a single instruction: “Don’t come home without buying something.”

What he bought was the house on Stourbridge Road.

Barb admits she wasn’t much impressed when she first saw the house and its unmatched mixture of additions.

“I was like, ‘Oh, dear …’

“But after being here for a while, the over-riding feeling we got was this was a home. And that’s a different feeling from a house. It’s not because of the way it’s decorated. It’s because of the innate feeling of love that the house has.”

With that thought in mind, the Bacons set out to make their new home into something special.

Changes included replacing the original “chopped up” arrangement of walls and rooms with the new open floor plan. A huge new kitchen was built, along with a large new master suite on the second floor, replaced the first-floor suite the previous owners had built by enclosing the garage. The front and back of the house also were “pushed out” to increase space.

One improvement naturally led to another. “The neighbors probably thought we were crazy,” Barb said.

But the final result is a large, open and inviting home that is ideal for entertaining and family living. Indeed, Brad and Barb say that when they look at look at old photos of the house taken before renovation it’s hard to believe the transformation.

Though the house is ready to occupy as is, the Bacons admit that a future owner might want to make updates. But only “cosmetic” changes would be needed, they say.

“All the renovations we made went far beyond requirements,” Brad says. “There’s not another house that’s built like this one.

“We built it with the idea that we’d raise our family here, and then the house would raise another family after us without them have to do any major work. The foundation is solid, everything is solid. This house will be here a long, long time.”

This week’s feature home is listed with Zach Davis of Kirkpatrick & Company.