Short commute to Lexington from new construction at Payne’s Landing

By Jeff McDanald

Contributing Writer

Because of ongoing education and job changes, Mike and Laura Rudolph have relocated seven times across three states in the last ten years.

But by January of 2018 they agreed it was time to settle into more permanent digs. Wish lists in hand, they set their sights on the Lexington area where both had recently taken new job offers.

“A move-in ready place was at the top of my list,” said Laura, Director of Enrollment Communications at Transylvania University.

“I was looking for a nice sized yard, a two-car garage and a basement in a quiet neighborhood easily accessible to the Interstate,” said Mike who works in University of Kentucky’s Office of the Provost as Director of Institutional Effectiveness. “We had different priorities and at times it was hard to reconcile.”

As they searched within the city of Lexington boundaries, they found it tough to stay within their budget. Prospects began looking brighter when they turned toward Payne’s Landing in Georgetown.

Both Mike and Laura are delighted with the three bedroom, two and a half bath, 2,293 square foot home they settled on at 109 Amen Corner Way.


“I started out being pretty stubborn about wanting to live in Lexington,” Laura said. “Growing up in Corbin, Lexington has always seemed like the hub of activity to me.”

Both Mike and Laura credit Kim Soper of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate with guiding them through the home buying process.

“We didn’t realize how competitive it was going to be,” Laura said. “Every morning it was check the listings for anything new and texting with our agent Kim. It was like being in a race against everyone who was searching for a home. We probably looked at 30 or more homes.”

Kim, the real estate agent, said: “We were in a point in the market last spring much like we are seeing now across the country with inventory low and prices escalating. There was pressure on buyers to really hone in on a property quick.”

After months of searching and disappointments, hopes soared as they zeroed in on one memorable prospect. Their bid went in just a couple of hours after the home went on the market.

“I wrote a letter to the seller about how much I wanted the house,” Laura said. “Our offer was over list price, and we lost it that day. That was when Kim said ‘Have you considered Georgetown?’”


“Once we opened ourselves up to Georgetown, we had a lot more options,” Kim said. “We were able to tap into that new construction market and find a nice home with a basement.”

When Mike and Laura found their future home in Payne’s Landing, it was still being framed. “There was some flexibility to make some choices,” Laura said. “We picked the wall colors and upgraded the kitchen and bath counters to granite. We got more yard space than we were finding in Lexington. Even with the upgrades we were able to end up coming in under budget.”

“Once we got here, we loved it,” Laura said. “It’s so easy to get around town, it reminds me of Corbin. It’s 23 minutes for me to Transy, and that’s the same or less commute time than from many Lexington addresses. And if there is a traffic tie up, there’s many ways to get into Lexington – Georgetown Road, 64, 75, Leestown Road.

Keeping pace with the growth in the area, Scott County is extending their bypass and a new high school is being built.

“One of the best things about our home was buying at a price that was super affordable for us,” Laura said. “And now Toyota is expanding and we’re seeing houses around us going up in value. We feel like we did a good job buying here when we did.”