Through the gates: Ashford Oaks residence filled with luxury and love

By Kendall Fletcher

Contributing writer

The house at 3093 Bobwhite Trail has a view from every angle: From the front, a golf course. From the back, a park. And inside, all the space and comfort offered up by an Ashford Oaks home.

Susan Genovese and her husband, Frank, built the home in 2017. Transplants from Richmond, Virginia, the Genoveses’ three sons grew up and moved to Lexington, Washington, D.C., and Nashville. With four grandchildren in Lexington, the couple moved here, too, providing an easier route for their two other sons to come visit.

With local builder Jason Justice, they constructed the home with their family in mind. Susan said they first liked that the community was gated.

“We built it for the kids to come here and enjoy it,” she said. “I designed the house, and Jason was easy to work with.”

They wanted a nice, comfortable house, she said—something to accommodate six grandchildren when they all gathered for Thanksgiving and Christmas. With four bedrooms and four and a half baths, they designed a play area upstairs to store lots of toys and with plenty of hall space for them to run off some energy.

“It’s chaos when everyone comes, but it’s fun,” Susan said.

The house is built with the pool as the outdoor pinnacle, which her family has also enjoyed.

“It has been a good space for everyone,” she said. “The pool is nice and the courtyard, it’s not huge. We have outside entries (into the home). It flows nicely and is works well for us.”

She loves to design, so piecing together each detail of her Lexington home was an exciting venture. With 10-foot ceilings, open spaces, a cozy fireplace and a beautiful kitchen, the house is immediately impressive.

At closer inspection, the kitchen is bright and clean with light granite countertops, white cabinets with intricate designs, a large pantry and wine cellar, and slate floor tile that matches the space adjoining the living area. Susan said it’s perfect for playing cards or reading, and it opens out to the pool.

One of Susan’s custom designs is the flow of the master bedroom and bathroom. A large hallway connects to the bathroom to accommodate the couple’s differing schedules. Frank can get up in the morning, get ready, and exit through the adjoining hallway to avoiding waking Susan. She can then enter the bathroom at night the same way without walking through the bedroom.

Also on the first floor are a spacious office, a formal dining room, and a smaller office, and most of the rooms share a common element: reminders of their Virginia homeland. In the front office and the guest bath are prints of Virginia train stations. The dining room’s art depicts scenes of the University of Virginia. And, upstairs, the walls hold fond memories in framed artistic renderings of their former homes.

“I loved my house in Richmond, but we wanted to be here closer to the kids,” she said.

And they love Lexington, too. They’ve frequented the region's attractions and events; visiting Keeneland and attending the Kentucky Derby with friends.

“It’s a really a pretty area,” Susan said. “Lexington is a nice town. It’s not too big, not too small. It’s got a lot of (great) places. There are a lot of nice people living out here.”

The neighborhood shares a park, which is a green space across just the street from the house’s driveway in the back alley.

“One of the (best) things is having the park back there,” she said. “We go out there and throw frisbees after dinner, and I go out and give (the kids) popsicles and it works really well. (The neighborhood) has picnics out there, and concerts, things for the kids.”

And though the Genoveses did their own landscaping, the neighborhood association maintains the grounds of the home. Its staff mows the grass, trims the bushes, and keeps the exterior green and groomed like the nearby park.

The home serves well to be mostly one floor-living quarters for the couple, but offers plenty of space on both floors—and outdoors—for when their family all comes to visit.

“It’s worked out really well. We love the house,” Susan said.

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