Madison County home featured on HGTV has stunning outdoor kitchen

This 6,000-square-foot log home at 1566 Forest Lane in Richmond is now on the market.
This 6,000-square-foot log home at 1566 Forest Lane in Richmond is now on the market.

It was love at first sight for Carlos and Susan Glover.

Upon retiring from the military after more than 30 years of service, the Glovers decided to move back to Carlos’ home state of Kentucky. They knew just the kind of house they wanted — a log cabin.

“We’ve always loved log homes,” Susan said. “I searched online for log homes and we fell in love with this one at first sight.”

Located on 11 acres of a former Christmas tree farm at 1556 Forest Lane Road in Richmond, the beautiful log structure is a majestic accent looming on the horizon.

Built in 2001, it has 6,240 square feet that includes five bedrooms (with a possible sixth in the full walk-out basement); four and a half baths; and a wonderful outside entertainment area complete with a tiki bar, a refrigerator, a gas grill and a stone fireplace, which the Glovers added.

“We bought the house from the people who built it, so we’re only the second owners,” Susan said.

“When we first bought this, there were no houses to our left or to our right,” Carlos said. “But since then, there’s been one family who moved in. They are great neighbors all around — just superior neighbors.”

The Glovers moved into the house in 2007. The spaciousness of the log home appealed to them most.

“We entertain a lot,” Susan said. “We’ve got four kids and now we’ve got two grandkids with another one on the way. We have Army friends who come from all over so the size was a real (deciding factor). We wanted to have the room to entertain and also be able to sleep 20, 25 people if need be.”

Each of the different bedrooms has a personalized theme.

The owners’ suite bedroom is called the Paradise Room. Another bedroom, where Carlos and Susan display souvenirs from their many travels, is called the International Room. The Log Room features a crib made of logs.

A fourth bedroom with a stars-and-stripes theme is the Americana Room, and the room where the couple display military memorabilia is called the G2 Military Room.

Susan’s brother, who does woodworking, made the signs for the rooms, and each has custom-made outlet covers.

Rustic accents

When they moved in, the Glovers made some changes. This included redoing the owners’ suite bathroom.

“It was very plain and dated and only had one sink, so we updated it with a log vanity,” Susan said. “It had a plastic prefab shower, so we had tile put in.”

The mirrors over the white pine double vanity are framed with logs, keeping with the rustic décor throughout the entire house. There are even log wastebaskets, as well as a log table that seats 10 in the dining room and a custom-made cedar log pool table in the basement.

“We had a guy come up from outside Sevierville, Tenn., to build it on site,” Susan said. “That’s staying with the property. You really can’t move it.”

The basement is full of other kinds of entertaining additions, including a karaoke machine, a wet bar, a foosball table, a dartboard and a popcorn machine. Susan loves the extravagant bathroom in the basement, which boasts a Jacuzzi accessed by three steps.

“This is my favorite thing in the whole house — this bathroom,” she said. “The whirlpool tub is huge. The shower has double showerheads, and the jets come out from the side, too. It’s a wonderful shower. I love this bathroom; it’s like an oasis.”

The real ‘wow’

The real wow factor of the house is the outdoor kitchen. Spread over 2,100 square feet of concrete patio, it can be seen from the large windows in the loft. Examining all its elements up close lets you see why it was featured last March on the HGTV show, A Sale of Two Cities.

“They were comparing what you could get for $500,000 in Richmond, Ky., and what you could get for $500,000 in Boston, which was an 800-square-foot apartment,” Susan said. “It was a drastic difference.”

The centerpiece of the outdoor entertainment area is a wood-burning fireplace.

“They had to bring it in on two flatbed trucks,” Susan said. “We got a really good deal because it was on display at the Cincinnati Bengals game.”

The Glovers won’t be able to move the outdoor fireplace. The tiki bar is bolted to the cement, so it will stay with the house, too.

As much as they love the log home, another love beckons Carlos and Susan to Shelbyville — their family, including their children, grandchildren and Susan’s sister and niece.

“We’ve had eight years of entertaining and cleaning 6,000 square feet, so we’re going to downsize a little bit when we move,” Susan said.

“But we’re still going to have enough room to entertain to a lesser degree than here,” Carlos added.

The couple agree that they will certainly miss their unique log home.

“We’ve said a million times — if we could just pick this house up and take it over there to Shelbyville, we would love to do it,” Susan said.