Former UK bball standout’s home boasts spacious rooms, half-acre lot

The brick, two-story home at 3320 Overbrook Drive is now on the market.
The brick, two-story home at 3320 Overbrook Drive is now on the market.

It’s all about family at Kyle and Tina Macy’s home in Lexington’s Lansdowne neighborhood.

“This has been a wonderful house for raising our family,” said Tina, a stay-at-home mom who jokingly refers to herself as a personal assistant to five people.

Other than three framed jerseys displayed in Kyle’s office, there is little evidence of the three-time All-America basketball player’s time at the University of Kentucky or his 10-year run in the pros.

Kyle, who played guard on UK’s 1978 national championship team, now coaches the Lexington Christian Academy tennis team, runs the tennis program at Idle Hour Country Club in the summer and gives private lessons in the off-season at Bluegrass Racquet Club. He also does basketball broadcast work in the winter.

The family moved to 3320 Overbrook Drive nearly 10 years ago when their children, Mallory, Meredith and Malone, were 14, 9 and 7, respectively. With a saltwater pool and a concrete parking area with a basketball goal, the Macy place quickly became a popular gathering spot for their children’s friends.

“That was fine with us,” Kyle said. “We liked it because we could keep an eye on them, whether they were in the pool or shooting hoops or whatever. The way Tina set it up and changed the flow of the house made it easy.”

During cold weather, the kids congregated in the sunroom and the family room. Pass-through windows from the kitchen to both rooms make feeding a crowd of hungry adolescents and their parents easier. They also enabled Kyle and Tina to supervise from the kitchen.

“We can monitor what the kids are doing without having to walk into that space,” Tina said.

Remodeled rooms

The Macys returned to Lexington in 2006 following Kyle’s nine-year stint as head coach of the Morehead State University men’s basketball team. The family lived in Greenbrier before moving to Morehead and loved it, but wanted a house closer to town this time.

The Lansdowne home’s large rooms and half-acre lot inside New Circle Road caught their eye and trumped the fact that they would have to spend some money to make the then 35-year-old house work for them.

Tackling the kitchen first, they cut out the center of a load-bearing wall separating it from the family room. They added a granite bar — handy for quick snacks or as a buffet when there’s a hungry crowd on hand.

“We don’t entertain formally,” Kyle said. “When the kids were young, most of our entertaining involved their friends and their families. Now that we only have one child at home — and he’s graduating next year — we don’t entertain as much.”

Handsome custom-built cabinetry in the kitchen that has been there from the beginning is in such good condition, it looks as if it could have been installed yesterday.

“I think these cherry cabinets are beautiful. They’re in great shape. I couldn’t see just taking them out and putting in new ones,” Tina said.

The Macys rearranged some cabinets and appliances to create space for the big pass-through window and had new cabinetry built to accommodate double ovens and a desk.

They also put in an island with seating for five that doubles as the kitchen table.

“Our children have done a lot of homework and science projects there,” Tina said.

A second pass-through window above the sink links the kitchen to the sunroom and the pool beyond.

“It’s really nice when the kids have friends over, whether they’re swimming or hanging out in here,” Tina said. Beautiful granite countertops and ceramic tile floors pull everything together.

“Opening up the kitchen improved the flow and made this part of the house better for entertaining,” Tina said.

As roomy and functional as the kitchen is, the laundry room is Tina’s favorite spot.

“It’s my pride and joy,” she said.

In addition to a washer and dryer, it has open shelving for laundry baskets, a desk for Tina’s sewing machine and cabinets to keep craft supplies organized. A straight shot from the back door through the mudroom, it also has a shower.

“If somebody’s been over here swimming, they can jump in here for a quick rinse,” she said.

You can see Tina’s raised vegetable garden from the family room, which features a brick fireplace set on the diagonal, hardwood floors and another long stretch of built-in cabinetry.

Upstairs, the Macys changed the floor plan to allow for a new en suite for their bedroom.

“We sledgehammered it all out and reconfigured it,” Tina said.

In addition to a tiled walk-in shower, the owners’ bath also has built-in cabinetry.

Two of the other three bedrooms — all large, with hardwood floors — are unused.

Daughter Mallory married recently and moved to Lawrenceburg, Ky. Meredith, a sophomore at UK lives in an apartment. Malone, a junior at Lexington Catholic, has the bathroom off the hallway all to himself.

As their nest empties, the Macys are incorporating some of the best features of the Overbrook Drive house in a smaller house a few blocks away that they’re renovating.

“This has been a wonderful house for raising our family. It’s been good,” Tina said. “But within a year and a half or two years, it will be just the two of us. We need something more manageable.

“I love the idea of a young family being in here, raising their kids and breathing life back into it,” she continued. “And as much as I hate to say goodbye, I am looking forward to something for the two of us — and the dogs. It’s just time.”