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Lexington Clinic plans to level its building, add two more on South Broadway

The Lexington Clinic, 1221 South Broadway, is requesting a permit to tear it down and rebuild.
The Lexington Clinic, 1221 South Broadway, is requesting a permit to tear it down and rebuild.

Lexington Clinic, the city’s oldest multi-specialty medical practice, is planning to demolish its current building at 1221 South Broadway and replace it with two new buildings.

The planned construction would give the clinic additional space and change the traffic flow by placing buildings at the corners of the parcel, with more parking in the middle, according to information filed with the city’s planning commission. The separate day surgery center would remain in its current spot.

The two new two-story buildings would have 79,000 square feet and 21,000 square feet. No time line is given. The expansion is valued at $69.7 million.

Lexington Clinic was established in 1920, and the South Broadway building has long been its flagship location. The clinic sees more than 2,000 patients daily, according to its Web site. It has 200 care providers and 1,000 staff members.

The clinic provides its services at more than 25 different locations in Central Kentucky, including locations at Andover, Beaumont and at Veterans Park.

Andrew Henderson, Lexington Clinic’s CEO, said in a Thursday afternoon statement that the clinic “is excited to announce we are actively working on plans to expand our facilities as well as our offerings to the people of Lexington, but, at this point, nothing has been finalized and no plans have received approval from the Lexington Clinic board of directors.”

The Fayette County property valuation administrator’s office values the current building at $10.3 million. The clinic has a total of about 99,000 square feet including the basement.

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