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State government’s top tech guru got a $215,000 raise. He makes more than the governor.

The Kentucky state capital in Frankfort KY.
The Kentucky state capital in Frankfort KY.

After a raise of more than $200,000, the man who oversees the Commonwealth Office of Technology is now the highest paid state employee in Kentucky who does not work for a university, according to the state salary database.

In the current database of commonwealth employee salaries, Charles Grindle is listed as having a salary of $375,000. That indicates a raise of $215,000 from his prior annual salary, which was reported as being $160,000 as recently as June.

The raise puts Grindle above the president of the Council on Postsecondary Education, who makes a salary of $360,000, and Gov. Matt Bevin, whose salary sits at $145,992, according to the state salary database.

Grindle, who served 29 years in the U.S. Army, earned a doctorate from the University of Pittsburgh’s school of information science and holds two masters degrees, according to the website for the Commonwealth Office of Technology.

The state announced Grindle’s hiring in December.

William Landrum, secretary of the Kentucky Finance and Administration Cabinet, said at the time that Grindle’s “breadth of experience and depth of knowledge will be instrumental as we continue transitioning to enterprise-wide technology platforms, as opposed to the prior practice of state government developing agency-specific applications.

“This created far too many silos in the Executive Branch, with agencies working entirely independent of each other.”