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We’re canceling the ‘Non Sequitur’ comic strip in the Herald-Leader. Here’s why.

To our readers:

The Herald-Leader no longer will publish the “Non Sequitur” comic strip by Wiley Miller.

On Sunday, Feb. 10, Miller included in his strip a profane phrase aimed at President Donald Trump. The phrase, written in small letters in the bottom corner of one panel, was missed by editors at the syndicate that distributes “Non Sequitur.”

While the cartoonist has apologized for including the profanity, the Herald-Leader has decided to end publication of his work. Because comic strips are handled by outside vendors, Herald-Leader editors do not review the content before publication and must trust the content creators to maintain appropriate standards. In this case, we no longer have that trust.

We apologize to our readers who viewed the inappropriate content. Beginning Monday, readers will see the comic strip “The Argyle Sweater” in place of “Non Sequitur.”