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Ragland's finances targeted

Lawyers for the family of slain University of Kentucky football player Trent DiGiuro want to question his killer about his finances.

A deposition notice was filed for Shane Ragland on Friday in Fayette Circuit Court. The DiGiuro family is attempting to collect a $63.3 million civil verdict in a wrongful death lawsuit against Ragland, who pleaded guilty to manslaughter in 2007 over DiGiuro's 1994 shooting death.

Attorney David Pratt scheduled the deposition for 10 a.m. March 11 at the law office of Thomas Conway in Louisville. Conway also represents the DiGiuro family.

Ragland has not indicated whether he will appear. His attorney, David Broderick, and father, Jerry Ragland, did not return phone messages Monday.

If Ragland does not show up, Pratt said he will ask for a court order compelling Ragland to attend. If that fails, Pratt said he'll ask for an arrest warrant.

Ragland has appealed the jury verdict. But the DiGiuro family can proceed with collection efforts because he did not post an appeal bond.

In the deposition notice, Pratt demanded that Ragland produce bank records; federal income tax returns since 2005; titles to any vehicles, boats, trailers or equipment owned by Ragland; copies of deeds of any real estate he owns; a compilation of his assets; documents for any trusts that may be in his name; gift tax returns from anyone who has given him money; and a list of any gifts he has received.

Among the questions that Ragland will be asked is how he can afford a lawyer if he's supposedly broke, Pratt said.

"I am going to ask him everything," he said.

Ragland was in prison from 2002 to 2006. He was convicted of murder after a jury trial but his conviction was later overturned.

Ragland's lawyers have previously said that he has no assets. Ragland's father, however, is a wealthy businessman.

Pratt said he has not ruled out deposing Jerry Ragland.

"I might depose his dad if that is the only way I can find Shane," Pratt said.

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