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Supper club victims to be honored

FORT THOMAS — Victims of the 1977 Beverly Hills Supper Club fire will be memorialized in a room in the new Fort Thomas Military and Community Museum.

Fort Thomas Renaissance coordinator Debbie Buckley says the plan is to have storyboard posters around the room about the lives of each of the 165 people who died in the blaze.

"We think it's important that there be a memorial to the loved ones lost," Buckley said. "It's about 30 years late, but we want future generations to understand the importance of that event in our local history as well as national history."

The Kentucky Enquirer reported the project is a collaboration with two of Deborah Allan's English classes at Northern Kentucky University.

The Beverly Hills Supper Club caught fire on May 28, 1977, a night when an estimated 2,800 people were inside for a show by entertainer John Davidson. The building had no fire alarms and did not have an automatic sprinkler system, now regarded as common safety measures in public buildings and required in many areas.

Although the club was in Southgate, Buckley said, Fort Thomas firefighters and police were some of the first on the scene, and the bodies were brought to the Fort Thomas Armory for identification.

The project calls for students in Allan's English 101 classes to contact families who lost loved ones in the fire, interview them and create the storyboards with information and pictures.