‘Like eating a candy bar.’ UK student spreads his love of dancing all around Lexington.

For Landon Feese, dancing is “like eating candy,” and he wants to use it to inspire other people to do things that bring them joy.

“There’s nothing I feel that’s greater to me personally than dancing,” he said. “It’s like eating a candy bar.”

Feese, 20, recently shared a video of himself dancing that he shot at more than 35 locations around Lexington.

“I think Lexington’s a beautiful town. It’s pretty easy to ... find a location,” he said.

Feese, a Lexington native and graduate of Lafayette High School, said he studied ballet for seven years. But he said he stopped during his high school years because “I just couldn’t take the continuous strain of ballet.”

“I just lacked freedom,” he said.

Ballet wasn’t his thing, but Feese couldn’t give up dancing.

“When I got to college, I felt like something was missing in my life,” he said.

He gets up every morning and dances in his living room before heading to classes at the University of Kentucky, where he’s studying agricultural engineering.

Last summer, he started a YouTube channel, Boogie Sauce, to share his love of dance. His following is small but loyal, he said.

It’s a solo project — Feese said he just sets up a camera and tripod and starts dancing, often getting smiles and laughs from passersby.

He also does his own editing, carefully lining up clips so the background is changing while he’s in the middle of complicated dance steps.

Feese has shared videos of himself dancing all over town — in the corridors of Fayette Mall, among tailgaters at a UK football game and outside the courthouses downtown.

Sometimes he’s wearing sunny yellow shorts, sometimes purple parachute pants, but he’s always moving with joyous abandon.

There’s even a video of him dancing in Malawi, where he spent a month last summer helping UK’s Engineers Without Borders chapter build a community kitchen. Feese said he hopes to have a career in helping provide food security.

His choreography, Feese said, is “something that just comes from my intuition.”

“My main goal with the YouTube channel is to inspire people to do what they’ve always wanted to do,” he said.

He said he’s always been introverted, but dancing in public has helped him break out of his shell.

“I just love creating something that I think is beautiful,” he said.

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