Lot of horsing around on new VisitLEX campaign: Ads filmed by mares

Ever wonder what the Bluegrass looks like to a horse? Not from the back of a horse, but the animal itself?

New videos promoting Lexington answer this question: they were filmed by horses. Horses at acclaimed Mill Ridge Farm, actually.

And the life looks pretty good.

The campaign by Cornett for VisitLEX put GoPro cameras in special head harnesses on mares and let the images speak for themselves. In one, “They Grow Up So Fast,” foals cavort and kick up their heels for their proud moms. In others, you get a sense of what it’s like from the equine perspective to live on one of the gorgeous Bluegrass horse farms, perhaps to persuade visitors to move here.

“We strapped GoPros to several willing ponies and let them do their thing. The rest is history … the first time in the history of advertising a horse has filmed an ad campaign,” according to the Share the Lex website.

Mill Ridge’s Headley and Price Bell helped with the filming, which was done by mares Vegas Trip, Barbie, Jacaranda and Kittens Peak.

“One of the things we’ve been trying to do is share the different stories of Lexington ... and with horse farms allowing fans on the grounds more, trying to show people what it actually looks like. They want to see what horses actually do. And we wanted to do it from a fun perspective,” said Gathan Borden, vice president of marketing for VisitLEX.

There might be more down the road, including live feeds on social media, he said.