America’s oldest brewery to finally begin distributing beer in Kentucky

Bottles of Yuengling beer displayed in Philadelphia.
Bottles of Yuengling beer displayed in Philadelphia. Associated Press

Big news, beer fans: Yuengling is coming to Kentucky. The beer, which has a big following, is going to be distributed in Kentucky for the first time, beginning in March.

“The expansion into the great state of Kentucky is long overdue,” said Dick Yuengling, owner and president of D.G. Yuengling & Son Inc. “We’re thrilled to bring our beer to our patiently waiting fans who have been requesting our brands for years.”

Bottles of Yuengling beer being packaged at Yuengling & Sons brewery in July 2001, in Pottsville, Pa. The Yuengling family began making beer at the brewery in 1831. Chris Gardner Associated Press

The Pottsville, Pa., brewery announced Friday that Kentucky will be its 22nd state. D.G. Yuengling brewery is known as America’s oldest brewery.

The rollout will include Yuengling’s flagship beer, Yuengling traditional lager, and its light lager and Black & Tan brands.

Four wholesalers will distribute Yuengling products in the state: Kentucky Eagle Inc.; River City Distributing Inc.; Clark Distributing Co.; and Stagnaro Distributing.

“Kentucky Eagle Inc. is very honored to have been chosen the distributor for Yuengling Beer in Central Kentucky,” said Ann Bakhaus, owner of Kentucky Eagle. “The Yuengling Family Heritage is known for brewing quality beer worldwide. We are so excited to now have the opportunity to offer it to our community and in Central Kentucky!”

Yuengling announced Friday that it will begin distributing in Kentucky in March. Photo provided

John Harris, president of River City Distributing, said, “We are thrilled that Yuengling has chosen to partner with River City here in Louisville. Our employees and retailers are ecstatic that America’s oldest brewery will be entering the Kentucky beer market this spring. Their distinctive and delightful beers are certain to enhance the beer drinking landscape in Louisville this March.”

Yuengling rolled out distribution in Indiana, its 20th state, last March, and recently announced that it will distribute brands to Arkansas, its 21st state, in February.