Bankruptcies: Sept. 13

Definitions — Chapter 7: Court-appointed trustee sells assets, and debtor is discharged of debts. Chapter 11: Company or individual reorganizes under court supervision. Chapter 12: Farmer reorganizes debts under court supervision. Chapter 13: Debtor arranges to repay debt. More information about Eastern Division bankruptcies is at www. Click the electronic case file icon; follow instructions to set up a PACER account.

Chapter 7

Ashland Division

Bernie Smith and Melissa Smith, Flatwoods. 10-10460.

Shila Faye Tolliver, Grayson. 10-10461.

William F. Lowe, Grayson. 10-10462.

James Rex Roe and Susan Ray Roe, Morehead. 10-10463.

Joetta Cuneo, Portsmouth. 10-10465.

William Michael Bates and Ada Carol Bates, Flatwoods. 10-10466.

Jonathan Johnson, Hazel Green. 10-10467.

Ronald DeWayne Sorrell, Ashland. 10-10469.

Rebecca Payne, Flatwoods. 10-10471.

Phyllis Jean Bentley, Louisa. 10-10473.

Julia McCarty, Olive Hill. 10-10474.

Delores G. Reynolds, Olive Hill. 10-10475.

Carolyn Sue Maynard, Flatwoods. 10-10476.

Robert Joseph Hamilton and Kathy Ann Hamilton, Flatwoods. 10-10478.

Henry Earl Ferguson and Legotha Marie Ferguson, West Liberty. 10-10481.

Deborah Ann Frasure, 15809 Ellington Run. 10-10482.

Frankfort Division

Lewis Edward Mitchell, 774 Stockton Road. 10-30644.

Lindsay Danielle Whitaker, Shelbyville. 10-30645.

Jerry Ray Walker and Bonnie Sue Walker, 365 Wallace Avenue. 10-30646.

Stanley Douglas Pointer and Cindy Massie Pointer, Lawrenceburg. 10-30647.

Janessa A. Paul, 371 Shadrick Ferry Road. 10-30648.

Nathan J. Gronefeld and Joni M. Gronefeld, 600 Colonial Trace. 10-30650.

Joseph R. Fox, Lawrenceburg. 10-30651.

Paula Kristine Warfield, Lawrenceburg. 10-30652.

Margie Cruse, Shelbyville. 10-30654.

Rosemarie Jones, Pleasureville. 10-30656.

Elaine Sidra Daniels, 225 Royal Parkway. 10-30659.

Travis Whisman and Ashley Hope Whisman, 125 Wash Road. 10-30660.

Rhonda L. Douglas, Carrollton. 10-30661.

Jack A. Cummins Jr. and Sylvia Louise Cummins, Pendleton. 10-30662.

Tim C. Nutgrass, Lawrenceburg. 10-30663.

Kathy A. Bartlett, 122 Butler Street. 10-30665.

Melinda H. Murphy, Lawrenceburg. 10-30666.

Amy Rebecca Sanders, 308 Waverly Lane. 10-30668.

Bob Joe Scott, Milton. 10-30669.

Gregory Smith and Kelly Smith, Shelbyville. 10-30670.

Pedro D. Estrada, Shelbyville. 10-30671.

Eva M. Burton, Shelbyville. 10-30672.

Charles R. Quinn and Anna R. Quinn, Shelbyville. 10-30673.

Julia M. Biggs, 827 Cardwell Lane, Lot 20. 10-30675.

Doris Jean Terrell, 905 Moss Lane. 10-30679.

Shelly Jean Carmack, Waddy. 10-30680.

Lloyd B. White III, New Castle. 10-30681.

Kathryn M. Booth, Owenton. 10-30682.

William H. Crabb and Betty J. Crabb, Lawrenceburg. 10-30683.

Lexington Division

Chrissy R. Woodall, Georgetown. 10-52739.

Teresa L. Martin, 126 St. Margaret Drive. 10-52740.

Leverna Upton, Wilmore. 10-52741.

Keisha D. Gibson, Berea. 10-52742.

Pamela Kay Perdue, 828 Henry Clay Boulevard. 10-52743.

Deborah Ellen Midden, 1550 Trent Boulevard, No. 1502. 10-52745.

Harry Leslie Merlin, Richmond. 10-52747.

Steven E. Asbury and Tara L. Asbury, Paris. 10-52748.

Bobby Glen Horn and Eva Lynn Horn, Richmond. 10-52751.

Christopher Shawn Christian and Emily Carol Christian, Richmond. 10-52752.

Brandon Clay Rousey, Richmond. 10-52753.

Jane Monique Lewis, Cynthiana. 10-52754.

Jennifer D. Bickers, 3304 Squires Oak. 10-52755.

David Couch and Jacqueline Couch, Campton. 10-52756.

Ervin L. Claxon and Barbara B. Claxon, 1708 Yetta Drive. 10-52757.

Timothy Kern Howell, Georgetown. 10-52758.

Karen L. Cook, 2956 Masters View. 10-52762.

Lesley Earl Huff and Donna Michelle Huff, Nicholaville. 10-52763.

Michael Shawn Dillard and DeAnne Jo Dillard, 340 Pleasant Pointe Drive. 10-52765.

Addie C. White, Cynthiana. 10-52766.

Garland W. Hall and Melissa A. Hall, Jeffersonville. 10-52767.

Theron D. Moore, Mt. Sterling. 10-52768.

Helen Louise Marks, 265 Taylor Drive. 10-52769.

Russell Wayne Franklin and Melanie Jane Franklin, Richmond. 10-52771.

Garett I. Oakes, Danville. 10-52772.

Crystal Lee Little, Waco. 10-52773.

Rosetta Sarah Clark, Irvine. 10-52774.

Dwayne P. Tyree and Angela D. Tyree, 2075 Regency Road, No. 67. 10-52775.

Lanny Darrell Kidwell and Paula Jo Kidwell, Berea. 10-52776.

John T. Harrison and Melissa D. Harrison, Nicholasville. 10-52777.

Debbie C. Turner, Versailles. 10-52779.

Adele Marie Robertson, 361 South Upper Street. 10-52780.

Shannon W. Gregory, Mount Sterling. 10-52781.

Joshua A. Chandler and Heather K. Chandler, Jeffersonville. 10-52782.

David B. Caldwell and Regina K. Caldwell, Owingsville. 10-52783.

Choncey R. Skaggs, Georgetown. 10-52784.

Terry Clyde Vest and Sarah Elizabeth Vest, Cynthiana. 10-52786.

Anita Abell Marcus, 258 Broadview Drive. 10-52788.

Eric T. Compton and Annalida S. Compton, Mount Sterling. 10-52791.

Rebecca S. Shupe, Nicholasville. 10-52792.

Nancy J. Green, 517 East Seventh Street. 10-52794.

Kathy A. Jewell, 1995 Knight Lane. 10-52795.

Kara D. Roessler, Parksville. 10-52796.

Garrett Cecil Smith Jr. and Diane Stalker Smith, Richmond. 10-52797.

Clarence Edward Stone, Danville. 10-52798.

Tammy Sue Cole, Harrodsburg. 10-52799.

Richard A Fitzgerald, Mount Sterling. 10-52801.

Danny Ray White and Bitha White, Lost Creek. 10-52803.

Edith Susan Knight, Hustonville. 10-52804.

Anthony Scott and Cynthia Scott, Stanford. 10-52805.

Helen E. Powell, 1923 Dunkirk Drive. 10-52806.

Roy Gene Shouse, Beattyville. 10-52808.

Roman Reffitt, Owingsville. 10-52812.

Crystal Gail Roberts, Versailles. 10-52813.

Rebecca Wefenstette, Paris. 10-52814.

Larry Russell Dudleson and Rebecca L. Dudleson, 1148 Wood Ridge Road. 10-52818.

David C. Tufts, 3480 Richmond Road. 10-52821.

Christopher Neal Patton, P.O. Box 11849. 10-52825.

Donald Thornsberry and Tonya Thornsberry, Carlisle. 10-52826.

Alicia Hope Linton, 3645 Polo Club Boulevard. 10-52827.

Phillip S. Mann Jr., 449 Lenny Drive, No. 3. 10-52828.

Susan M. McDowell, Danville. 10-52829.

William Thomas Adkins Jr. and Tamma Deneece Adkins, 3028 Sewanee Lane. 10-52830.

Tim Eugene Masters, Nicholasville. 10-52831.

Andrea M. Palmer, Georgetown. 10-52832.

Jonathon J. Palmer, Georgetown. 10-52833.

Mitchell D. Barrett and Jessica A. Barrett, Beattyville. 10-52834.

Gary Wayne Davis and Jessica D. Davis, Nicholasville. 10-52835.

Douglas Neal Thorndale, 411 Pyke Road. 10-52836.

Carroll Hughes Jr. and Donnita Hughes, 668 Lombardy Dr. 10-52837.

Tillie Anne Barker, 968 Spring Run Road. 10-52838.

Peggy Margaret Wooton, Jackson. 10-52839.

Ted W. Cornelius and Wanda Cornelius, Lancaster. 10-52840.

Cathy J. West, Nicholasville. 10-52841.

Phillip Ray Hobbs and Catherine Rose Hobbs, 3165 Scottish Trace. 10-52842.

Sara Feagan Hinds, 1240 Devonport Drive. 10-52844.

Sean Matthew Cornelius and Shakeela Dawn Cornelius, Danville. 10-52845.

William C. Simpson Jr. and Sharon Simpson, Nicholasville. 10-52846.

Danny R. Erskine Jr. and Kimberly M. Erskine, 725 Lakeview Drive. 10-52847.

Lisbeth Ann Micek, Richmond. 10-52848.

Jessica L. Boone, 3440 Buckhorn Drive. 10-52849.

Gary L. Crowe, Mount Sterling. 10-52852.

Scott A. Darr, Georgetown. 10-52853.

David Winkler and Tamara Carol Winkler, Richmond. 10-52854.

Ronald Dale Cochran and Marsha Lynn Cochran, Richmond. 10-52855.

Kenneth Edward Reed and Donna Marie Reed, Berea. 10-52856.

Aida Isakagic and Mustafa Isakagic, 1465 Thames Dr. 10-52857.

Marcia Lynette Adkins, 248 Forest Hill Drive. 10-52861.

Jason E. Stull, Waynesburg. 10-52862.

Betty W. Newbury, 1747 Woodlark Avenue. 10-52863.

Stacy L. Gills, 1305 Blarney Court. 10-52864.

Thomas Fusco and Melanie N. Fusco, Versailles. 10-52865.

Tina B. Schmidt, Flemingsburg. 10-52866.

Jennifer L. Marshall, Paris. 10-52867.

Trazia M. Bell, Georgetown. 10-52868.

Henry Colon Creech and Barbara Jo Creech, Richmond. 10-52869.

Brenda Parrent, Paris. 10-52870.

Deanna Carole Mann Bingham, Salt Lick. 10-52871.

Marian M. Granville, 2100 Fortune Hill Lane. 10-52872.

Marcus S. Jones, Stanton. 10-52873.

Marvin M. Thorn, Richmond. 10-52874.

Travis Edward Van Pelt, Waynesburg. 10-52875.

David Edsel Creech, Berea. 10-52876.

Joshua McWhorter Dillon, Berea. 10-52877.

Charles E. Tharp, Jackson. 10-52878.

Stacee L. Brewer, Campton. 10-52879.

Robert Lynn Bullock, Crab Orchard. 10-52880.

Barbara Marie Talbott, Paris. 10-52881.

Eugene Wagoner and Robin S. Wagoner, Georgetown. 10-52882.

Norlan Curtis Cole and Kelli M. Cole, Irvine. 10-52885.

Chapter 12

Lexington Division

William Clay Jones and Sharon Jones, Versailles. 10-52778.

Chapter 13

Ashland Division

Sherman B. Gore and Rosa Lee Gore, 918 Chestnut Court. 10-10459.

Albert Donald Puckett and Wanda Fay Puckett, Olive Hill. 10-10464.

John Alan May and Linda J. May, West Liberty. 10-10468.

Bill Roy Wilder and Sherry Nell Wilder, Sandy Hook. 10-10470.

Dustin R. Colvin and Amber D. Colvin, Vanceburg. 10-10472.

Jamie Sue Lemaster, Louisa. 10-10477.

Justin Ray Clarke and Courtney Renee Clarke, Argillite. 10-10479.

Ivan L. Grimshaw II and Wanda L. Grimshaw, Morehead. 10-10480.

Gary L. Ruark and Julie A. Ruark, Quincy. 10-10483.

Harlan L. Flinders Jr. and Sandra D. Flinders, Vanceburg. 10-10484.

Frankfort Division

Gregory Todd White and Donna Gwenn White, Shelbyville. 10-30649.

Robert Ray Young and Emily Ann Young, Shelbyville. 10-30653.

Stephen Craig Lawlor and Joanne Cameron Lawlor, Shelbyville. 10-30655.

Dennis L. Cole, Shelbyville. 10-30657.

Tony Robertson and Pamela L. Robertson, Owenton. 10-30658.

James Ray Carter and Karen Lynelle Carter, Lawrenceburg. 10-30664.

Charles R. Crenshaw and Lynn A. Crenshaw, Eminence. 10-30667.

Ernest R. Cochran Jr. and Edwina Cochran, Shelbyville. 10-30674.

Terry D. Stephens and Rebecca W. Stephens, 896 Ninevah Road. 10-30676.

Deanna S. Clemmons, Shelbyville. 10-30677.

James G. Carriss Sr. and Rebecca C. Carriss, Waddy. 10-30678.

Compiled by Dorothea Wingo