One of Xerox's best and brightest visits ACS operations

Sophie Vandebroek
Sophie Vandebroek

One of Xerox's top research minds visited the Lexington operations of subsidiary ACS recently.

Sophie Vandebroek, chief technology officer and president of the Xerox Innovation Group, met with clients of ACS, one of the area's largest employers.

ACS has a number of call centers, as well as other operations, in the state that handle customer service and other processes for businesses.

She took time to speak with the Herald-Leader about how the imaging giant is integrating ACS, which it acquired last year.

Question: What's it been like absorbing ACS into your operations?

Answer: "It's been a little over a year, and it's been amazing. ACS and Xerox coming together has made an excellent marriage. We're really complementary. We have a very strong technology and document-outsourcing business, and ACS brings to us a very strong business outsourcing operation that truly complements our product line.

"They serve everything from small and medium businesses to large enterprise clients with their document and technology needs but also help them with all their other processes ... through call centers, managing public transportation, parking infrastructure, and managing student loans and Medicaid for the government.

"The beauty is that what ACS does from a business project outsourcing point of view is really deal with a ton of information. At Xerox, we are experts in managing information ... especially unstructured information. That's the beauty of these two companies coming together."

Q: What are some of the things you're discussing with ACS clients in Lexington during your visit?

A: "We are having a client innovation workshop with a dozen of our major customers ... of the call center. My personal role is to share the power that Xerox research and innovation will bring to the already excellent services that ACS has.

"I always look very much forward to totally understanding the customers' wishes and worries.

"In the end, innovation is only innovation if you truly create customer value. It all starts and ends with the customer."

Q: What role do you see for Lexington's operations in future projects?

A: "We have many employees in the state and some of the very best call centers. We'll probably have clients come and visit the Lexington centers. We're very happy that this client session is happening."