Jeff Ruby's Steakhouse won't discuss its ad about opening in Lexington

A mystery of sorts has emerged in Lexington's restaurant scene.

Jeff Ruby's Steakhouse, an upscale regional chain with restaurants in Louisville, Cincinnati and at the Belterra casino in Indiana, bought a full-page advertisement in Sunday's Herald-Leader boasting about its reviews and saying it is opening in Lexington.

"Jeff Ruby has the best steaks in the city ... any city. And we will be making Lexington one of those cities," the advertisement read.

Reached multiple times since, the company has declined to comment on the advertisement or to provide any details about when and where it might open in Lexington.

The company has so far not applied for a liquor license with either state or local authorities, suggesting that the opening is not likely in the near future.

The steakhouses' parent company, Jeff Ruby's Culinary Entertainment, made news earlier this year when its Covington floating restaurant, Jeff Ruby's Waterfront, partially tore loose from its moorings on the Ohio River and stranded more than 80 people on board for hours. Everyone aboard was rescued using ladders and ropes for a makeshift gangplank. The restaurant remains closed.