Tim Farmer retires from hosting KET’s ‘Kentucky Afield’

Tim Farmer is retiring as host of Kentucky Afield, which is shown on KET.
Tim Farmer is retiring as host of Kentucky Afield, which is shown on KET.

Tim Farmer, the longtime host of Kentucky Afield, is retiring from that job.

He will continue with his two other independently produced programs, Tim Farmer’s Country Kitchen and Tim Farmer’s Homemade Jam, a music show. He also plans to continue farming in Franklin County.

Kentucky Afield is produced by the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife. Farmer has been on the program since 1994. All three programs are broadcast on KET.

Farmer said that making the decision to retire from Kentucky Afield was difficult because it is “the best job in the world.”

“My bosses are my best friends,” he said. “My producers ... are my brothers.”

Farmer said that he grew up respecting hunters who had grown up during the Great Depression and worked to put food on their tables.

“It was a sacred experience to be outdoors,” he said. “These were fellas who grew up in the Depression. Every shotgun shell could be dinner. ... My pursuit was organic game, as opposed to counting antler. We respected the animal, the experience of being in the forest.”

Farmer has won five Emmys for his TV work.

In a Tuesday statement KET Executive Director and CEO Shae Hopkins said, “Tim’s knowledge and enthusiasm have always connected with audiences and made him an exception host of the country’s longest running outdoors program.”

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