Kentucky baby enters world in a Chevy Blazer. More awkward moments followed.

Cecilya Goin and her husband Bobby with their newborn son, William. William was born in the family’s vehicle on the way to the hospital in Lexington.
Cecilya Goin and her husband Bobby with their newborn son, William. William was born in the family’s vehicle on the way to the hospital in Lexington. Provided by Cecilya Goin

When Cecilya Goin woke up at 7 a.m. Sunday morning with contractions, she, her husband and their 4-year-old set out from Lawrenceburg for a hospital in Lexington. But the unborn child had a different schedule.

They were near the Blue Grass Airport on Versailles Road when it became evident that their son would not be born in the usual way.

“My water broke, and a minute or two minutes later I gave a few pushes and that baby was out in my shorts,” Goin said. “My shorts caught him.”

When she told her husband, Bobby, the baby had been born, he remained surprisingly calm. Cecilya Goin trained as a nurse, but she said that in the moment all the medical knowledge left her and Bobby was the “delivery doctor.”

“He pulled over, he took off his shirt and wrapped him in it,” Cecilya Goin said. “We rubbed on him, got him to cry. We knew he was breathing, so he got back in the drivers seat and booked it to Baptist Health.”

When they got to the hospital, they parked and Bobby Goin ran in to say his wife had had a baby in the car. Cecilya Goin said about eight people ran out to help.

“They weren’t quite sure what to do at first,” she said. “It doesn’t happen very often anymore, so it took them a minute to figure out what to do.”

The couple had pulled up to the emergency room, and since it was not the delivery room they didn’t have the exact right tools they needed to cut the umbilical chord that was still connecting Cecilya Goin to her baby, she said. The hospital workers ended up using a clamp and scalpel to do the job.

There was a young audience to the whole ordeal — their daughter Elizabeth.

“My 4-year-old was in the back, while I’m screaming in pain she’s laughing at me,” Cecilya Goin said. “She unbuckled, rubbed on his head a little bit, watched them cut umbilical chord.”

Once the baby, named William Johnathan, was taken up to delivery, he was cleaned and taken to the neonatal intensive care unit.

William was born weighing 5 pounds and 12 ounces and was about 18 and a half inches long. He was due to be born on Aug. 21 and was scheduled to be induced on the 14th.

Cecilya Goin said William is doing much better and has now been removed from the NICU and put in a regular room. They hope to be able to take him home Wednesday or Thursday.

William’s family believes they may have an idea of why he was so eager to enter the world.

The Goins’ daughter and one of her cousins often play together, and the family had joked that the two would gang up on William after he was born.

“Now the joke is he kept overhearing that for nine months, and he came out to show that he wasn’t going to put up with them picking on him,” Cecilya Goin said.

After William’s unforgettable entrance into the world, Cecilya Goin said the family now feels they will never be able to get rid of his birthplace —a Chevrolet Blazer.